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Oh My Crocs fans - look what we have to look forward to.....

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:shock::roll: Well that explains alot :wink: . One of the mums at school was looking at my crocs, and commented on a "wedged" style coming out - she works for a magazine, and had obviously seen the "Sassari".


At the time I just said "Oh, right .... they will be nice" :oops: .



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My favourite Crocs at the moment are the Mary Janes but i like the look of the Croclings. I hope they do them in childrens sizes as then i can persuade Mum to get me some :D


They are childrens shoes,The Croclings.....& they come in lots of really fab colours 8)

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Some of those new styles look fabulous......... what's the betting I'll have succumbed to a pair or 2 by the time summer's over :oops:

We've been amazed by Crocs in NZ, you can buy them easily in just about any shoe shop (well, caymans at least), priced, wait for it, at around 12 GBP, depending on exchange rate, and shop :shock:

We're short of luggage space on the way home, hubby says wine, I say Crocs, son (the sensible one :wink: ) suggests we just buy another suitcase :roll::D:D:D

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I saw some crocs in a shop in bury over the weekend.




Hey, Gina, Bury's my home town.......... well, where I grew up and where my Mum still lives, I came south about 25 years ago, but still regard Bury as "home". Not much of a holiday destination though, unless it's changed a lot. Do you have connections there?

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