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Lindy Loo

What is the going rate for eggs?

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This may seem a silly question however here goes...

I usually give my eggs away to friends and colleagues at work as and when I have a few to spare. A number of them have now asked me if they can buy eggs from me on a regular basis. I am happy to do this but feel awkward about putting a price on them and charging for them! I know a number of you sell your eggs to friends and at work and I wondered if you could give me some idea of what the "going rate" is.




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Linda, that photo is gorgeous! 8)


I have been selling mine since Christmas, to raise money for the BHWT.

I take them into work in 4's and leave them on the staffroom table. People just pop a £1 in my money box as and when I have them available. I've made over £30 so far this way. 8)


I think people pay a bit over the odds as its for a very good cause...

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Rosie has just started c'harging' for the eggs we give away (when we have enough) - she has spoken to the friends and neighbours who have them and suggested that they might like to make a voluntary donation to the BHWT as and when they want to. She is logging the money she collects and it will go to BHWT when it mounts up.


I'd say that £1 for 4 is a good price.

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I think £1 for 4 is a fair price


If you bought half a dozen organic eggs from the supermarket you would pay about £1.65, which is just over 27p per egg


Thats a good idea with the BHWT Annie, pity we don't have any spare eggs.... yet

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Wow! look at those eggs! Lovely chocolate ones ( Marrans??), beautiful white eggs & is that a blue one in the middle there?

Hmmm MUST get more chickens asap! Saving up for cube!


I usually give my eggs away, but occassionally people like to give me £1. I feel guilty, so I say that their £1 will buy the chucks food and they will turn it into more eggs for them. Right little factory I've got going here! :wink:

Blanche & Rita are on a roll, 2 eggs a day. Audrey only laying soft ones at the moment. Had a lot of minor problems with Audrey - Broodiness, moulting, chicken cold, soft eggs. Such a shame as she is so soft & cute!

I still love her tho, even if I never get any eggs from her!



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I have blue, green, yellow and pink egg boxes as well as the Omlet ones.

You can buy them here: http://www.flytesofancy.co.uk


I am getting 4 or 5 eggs a day. We've had 4 today, but Scramble is currently sat on the nesting box, so fingers crossed.


I charge £1.10 for 4 and £1.60 for 6. I think that is a fair price for Organic Free Range eggs from happy hens.


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