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Mobile phone masts

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After reading the scary article "Cancer clusters at phone masts" in this week's Sunday Times, I thought I ought to protest about a current application for a phone mast in my area.


Then I went to the official Ofcom site where you can type in your postcode and get a map showing the mobile phone masts in your area and discovered that we already have 17 in our suburb of Oxford (although only two in my square on the map).


Then I typed in my work postcode in the centre of Oxford and found that I was surrounded by about 50 mobile phone masts down there (23 in my square of the map).


Should I be worried?

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We don't seem to have any either - but then the village appears to be full of people wandering about, trying to get a mobikle signal, so that would explain it!


In our old house, a mast went up in the farmers field at the back of us, literally overnight. :evil::evil::evil:

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I feel that there are so many masts already that there is no point in fighting the odd one or two extra ones.


Five schools in Oxfordshire have made money by putting mobile phone masts on top of their own buildings. Right under a mobile phone mast is the safest place to be: 300 yards or so away is the most dangerous.

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Given the choice, I'd rather get rid of the moby's. I hate being so contactable at times. My students have been driving me potty with mobile phones this morning. I was thinking about when I was a student in 1992. We didn't even have a landline in the house, although it was by choice. I did enjoy it, although I couldn't live with out a landline now I'm a responsible person.


It's a worrying issue - among many.

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