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DoorStep Rage!!!!!

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I have just been involved in Doorstep Rage - I'm still shaking!!


Just called into my friends for a cuppa, on way home, got into my car and started on my way down her one way street. A car pulls out infront of me, and stops in the middle of the road to have a conversation with a 20 something girl who was standing on her doorstep. After 5 or so minutes, I asked if the driver would mind pulling in so I could get by as I couldn't go the wrong way down a one way street by turning round.




This woman on her doorstep went completely off her rocker at me. I've never been called so many horrid names in all my life. She was VILE.


The guy, sensibly, pulled over and let me past, and I drove off and promptly burst into tears :cry:


I've calmed down now, but can you BELIEVE that actually happened.

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How awful - I tell you there are some disgusting people around. At least you kept your calm at the time and didn't get out to have a go back at her - I might not have been so calm.


Take deep breaths, lie down in a darkened room with a glass of wine.


There you'll feel better now; they'll get their comeuppance in the end - I'm not a 'god person', but I firmly believe that everyone gets what they deserve in life!



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I daren't say anything back to her - she was like a mad raving lunatic who wouldn't have thought twice about punching through the window to give me a black eye.........I've never come across anything like that in my life.


Green and Blacks down the hatch already - I'll pass on the wine though, bit early for me.


Hug was just what I needed Nicola :D Could have done with that fish too :wink:



Dan, you're frightening me nowgun%20thug.gif

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Gosh Dan why do you stay there i would be off like a shot :shock:


In fact I was - I used to stay in Oxford and got sick of the place now when I have to go to London for work I can't breathe I am so used to the nice air up here 8) It's not Wales but nearly as good, no walls to keep the nasties out but so far there haven't been any round here.


Apart from the idiots who kicked my wing mirror off the car when in Dundee :evil:

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Gina, how terrible for you - things like that can unsettle you for ages after. We had a run-in the other night with kids that were throwing stones at cars in the street - we now have some lovely dents in our side panel caused by uprooted rocks from the farmers field.


Just try and settle yourself with the knowledge that this woman who was so horrible will no doubt pick on the wrong person in the end, and learn her lesson the hard way - what goes around comes around......

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Am new to the board but wanted to add my support and say well done for being a lady and just ignoring the guttermouth. Unfortunately there are a lot of them about these days - all this care in the community. Nice glass of wine will do nicely as we are sophisticated they are not



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Just to add my sympathies, amazement and horror at your experience Gina, how dreadful for you.

It's scary just how many truly unpleasant people there are out there :shock: I simply can't imagine what could ever motivate anyone into being so vile, she must be one heck of an unhappy lady with a very empty life. I bet she doesn't keep chickens.

Thanks for the tip about unlighted cars Dan, I'll certainly not be flashing any I see, that's for sure.

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Poor you !


You must have been shaking like a leaf.....I know I would have been :D


Just remember the following -


1) There are horrible & terrible people in this world. She was one of them, you are not. She is certainly not a chicken owner!


2) You are in the right here. You did nothing wrong.


3) You can sleep sound tonight knowing this. She will get her comeuppance one way or another.


4) If all else fails you know where she lives :wink:


I am really bad at confrontation myself, so I understand how you must feel (don't you have all those witty comebacks coming into your head all the time?)


Have a glass of wine & try to forget, if not forgive :P




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Gina: Well done for the way you handled it. Perfect. If you had reacted, it would have been worse.

The woman is obviously really troubled.

Try to forget it: Wine!!

I know its upsetting to be abused like that, but just remember how awful it would be if you were that woman:

She must have a terrible life!

Thank God you are you and not her!

Big hugs!

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If all else fails you know where she lives


Ha ha - yes this did cross my mind. But, then I thought...what would I do with this knowledge exactly ?! At least I know to avoid the house at least. I really can't get over her. It makes me shudder. I wouldn't have the nerve to say anything back. I called my friend about it just now, and she says she regularly hears raised voices and undesirable language coming from that house. I was just one in a long line probably.


I've eaten all my G&B Lesley - can i possibly have a square of yours....mine was the Orange one, it was lovely yummy.gif

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As a responsible chicken owner you could always take pity on her, show her how kind you are and arrange to deliver a couple of free range eggs to her.


Obviously you wouldn't want to walk up to the door and give them to her as she doesn't sound particularly nice. You could therefore arrange to deliver the eggs from a safe distance away. This could potentially result in the eggs getting broken as they land (shame) BUT, it's the thought that counts :roll::wink:


Alternatively you could just put your feet up in front of the telly, have a Southern Comfort (purely for medicinal purposes you understand) take a deep breath and relaxxxxxxxxxxxx :D





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