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OK, so who has horses? :)

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:lol: Snowy, I bet you were a better rider for not being able to afford the tack... and more bruised!


I really admire those who compete and have such wonderful control over their mounts. I entered some gymkanas but often got disqualified for failing to jump any jumps :roll: or consollation prize for coming last in the games. My mum's fault she kept encouraging us to enter. :lol:

To me my horse was a way of being in the open air and enjoying the countryside. :D One day perhaps I'll ride on a beach

Poor Plum. I have to admit that the failing to jump the jumps and consollation prizes did make me smile! :) Marks for effort, that's what you get. :lol: And we all know it's the taking part that counts.


Ha ha, Snowy @ your 'well 'ard' horse! I think people around here still go to the pub with their horses but I suppose it does depend on the landlord. There's a riding centre that is sort of nearby and they take tourists on a trek to the pub. They tie the horses and ponies to trees (near a busy road) to graze in the summer sun while the 'riders' cross the road and walk to the pub for lunch. :anxious::think: I've seen others take their horse into the pub garden before - so sweet.


My youngster wouldn't stare down a lion, she'd go silly probably... don't know about the golden oldie though... she'd probably look at it 'yeah whatever' and continue on her way. :wink:


Rhapsody that sounds like bliss.


lwescott - yeah that counts! :lol: Paddy sounds a character ;) but I really like the sound of Samsom - he's handsome too.


MMC, I know, very expensive. Mine like their favourite haylage. I buy it in bulk so costs a small fortune to get a delivery in. Oh well, we will keep these animals! :roll:

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No horses but I joined my sons riding lesson about a year ago when I realised the school wanted a group of three and had tried out a younger boy who couldn't ride that well and gave up quickly, and I love it ! I always wanted a horse when I was a kid but it was never an option - nor were riding lessons.

I love watching my boys canter around the school effortlessly. We have a great teacher who is very particular about technique so we're not learning any bad habits. I can now canter and would love a beach ride (just not at a gallop :shock: ).

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Oh what a lovely thread!

I rode as a child (riding school ponies only) but somehow lost interest after a break while my mother was in hospital...but when DD begged to ride, I was right behind her. When my FiL died he left each of the children some "now" money - to use for something that would transform their teens and both DD & #2S opted for ponies.

To start with DD had Sancala an elderly chestnut 14.2 Arab whom she rescued from a horrible situation...He was the loveliest horse to "do" - would whinny to me whenever I went onto the yard & really went out of his way to be friendly to his "staff"...Loved jumping, so got DD her first trophies and had lots of fun with her at Pony Club. But when GCSEs approached, she recognised that he was rather high maintenance, so sold him and bought 4 y.o.Trufflehunter, a DalesXCob who was happy living out...He was such a kind soul...but rather dim...I loved riding him but he frustrated DD as he didn't want to do all the competitive stuff - was happiest hacking or doing fun rides with a bit of cross country. He was, however, not great at new experiences...and dumped me on the road after being freaked by a deer crossing a few yards ahead. No serious damage done, tho I spent a few ££s at the chiropractor, but it reminded me that I don't bounce any more, and I lost the urge to ride.

Truffle went when I moved to this parish, as by then DD was off to uni ... He is doing very well in his new home, with a younger horsy mum and 3 daughters, all of whom adore him :)

Meanwhile, #2S had Nipper, a 12hh New Forest mare who was the Thelwell pony of every small girl's dreams...She was MUCH the brightest horse on the yard, & had a great time teaching Jack to ride. Some of my best memories of the last 10 years involved walking the dogs while Nipper & Jack explored the countryside around the yard...Sadly he outgrew her - and she had far too much to give to be kept idle, so we sold her 5 years ago. I really miss her :( - though I don't in the LEAST miss driving the trailer, or breaking ice in water buckets and picking out frozen hooves...

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Here's my boy. He's 17 now, have had him since he was 2. Nearly lost him when he was 6 with a twisted gut, he had to have 13ft of it removed but we've done more since than we did before. Was hoping to qualify him for the veteran class at Olympia last year but other things took over in the summer and I didn't have the time to put in.


Some lovely horses on this thread :D

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Some lovely horses here :D


I have been around horses since I could walk, constantly talking about them when I was younger apparently :roll::lol: Still obssessed about them, life revolves around them! Wouldn't change a thing though. Am off to Hartpury College this september to study Equine Breeding Management so will be hopefully continuing to work with horses in my future career life! At the moment, I share 6 Pure/Part Arabs with a friend & have been for almost 2yrs but have owned 2 others before this and had a Irish Draught mare on loan last year but had to send her back due to my knee injury. Anyway, meet the current gang...


Zarafa aka Filly, 9 yr old Pure Polish Arabian Mare




Zafina aka Zaffy, 3 yr old Crabbet/Polish Arabian Filly, daughter of Zarafa. First picture was this summer, 2nd was when she was little and the 3rd as a yearling





Hope to get Zaffy out in-hand this year and put her in foal :clap:


Will find pictures of the other 4 tomorrow :)


Hope you like them as much as I do :wink:

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Rest of the gang...


Sukhira aka Suki, 29yr old Pure Crabbet Arabian Mare. Very cuddly old mare :lol:





Otterlea Cavalier aka Scooby, 12yr old Anglo Arab Gelding. Son of Suki. Cheeky teenager!


Ramdomingo aka Rambo, 22yr old Pure Crabbet Arabian Gelding. Still bonkers just like he was when he was a stallion, acts like he is still 3!




Valentino aka Bobby, 22yr Part Bred Arab Gelding. Grumpy and a big baby!




Just a few other pictures...






Hope I haven't bored you all :oops::!:

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I finally found a couple of pics!

My first time on a horse! Before the days of 'Elf and Safety obviously! :lol:



The Lido Stables in Blackpool - me on the bay, Bridie a TBx mare that I loaned for a while, and my Mum on Marcus who we loaned and later bought when the stables closed (no one else would have him :( ) Mind you he was a pig at times! He knew every plus point of being a riding school pony and exploited it to the full! He became fondly known as King Marcus!



I haven't found any of my pony yet, will keep looking!

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