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Martin B

A lovely present!

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Well all may be doom and gloom weather wise an keeping me away from the allotment, but something else brought a smile to my face today. This lovely package of goods...




It is a present from my grandma and grandad, they have both supported me throughout the whole process of getting an allotment, buying me seeds, gardening equipment here and there! I'm so greatful.


Today's parcel included, a garden fleece, some raffia (for tying tomatos to canes etc) some clips for my greenhouse. Some plastic wiring for attatching stronger, taller plants such as runner beans to their support canes. There was also 4 packs of seeds, a variety of cabbage, pea, parsnip and brocolli!


By the way, this is a copy from my blog, I didn't feel I needed to rewrite the story. I have posted 2 articles on my blog today, you can read the other at http://www.martin-blyth.vox.com

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Hi Martin - what a lovely present & a great allotment!

I admire any young person who can drag themselves away from tv / computer games and do something useful in the fresh air!


Your allotment is coming on leaps and bounds already. Have you made a drawing of what you are having where? Any plans for a pond / herb garden maybe? Just think you can even grow your mum her own bouquet!

Ideas are endless with a plot that size.

Enjoy it Martin - you should be able to get to it today - weather not too bad!


You'll have to get yourself some of those crocs georgie wellies!!!!! :lol:



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