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Traumatised Chickens and a tough eglu!

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Hello! - my first post even though we have had our chickens a while :oops:


We came home from work on Friday night to find some little horrors had vandalised our garden and stolen our bikes from the shed! The eglu and run had been flung upside down. Thelma was cowering under a bush and our little Louise was missing :evil: . ! We think the horrors chased them around the garden and threw various things at them as lots of stuff was found lying around the garden.


Thankfully after putting out some treats for Thelma to try and calm her down Louise came out of hiding (we were very relieved to find her!). They spent most of yesterday hiding under their favourite bush but are much better today thanks to lots of sweetcorn and raisins!


The good news is that thanks to a quick reacting neighbour the police have caught the minors and retrieved our bikes. We were very impressed with the robust eglu. We use the Omlet tent pegs to secure it to the ground so they must have used some force to pull it from the ground and throw it over. There's no damage to the eglu or run! Fantastic product!


Picture of the upturned eglu





After picture - as it is today



And our chickens



Kirsty and John

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Thanks for the replies!


When we left the police station on Friday night one of the culprits had already confessed. They're well known for being little trouble makers and the police were pretty happy to have caught them.


It's probably a good thing it happened on a Friday night as we were able to spend the whole weekend in the garden to make friends with the girls again :)

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Gosh Kirsty & John :shock: - what a terrible thing to have happened. :(


So glad that all turned out well for you in the end (and Thelma and Louise) and that they caught the nasty youths concerned - what is the mentality of these people?


Nice to see you posting too :D keep it up :wink:

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i am really glad your angels are OK.


i think you should do all that is possible so that the little ******* who did that spend some time behind bars, or get some really bad punishments.


maybe you should offer a bottle of wine to your neigbour!

thanks to him, vandals will understand that regular people like us don't lend the other ckkek for them to slap it any more!!


they make me feel so angry!



Happy that every thing went back to normal for you



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