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Leave me alone!!!

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Over the past couple of months I have been getting more & more annoyed at shop assistants trying to persuade you to but extra items at the till.

What happened to simply paying & leaving with a smile & a thank you?

Today it happened to me in M&S,a shop I have always held in high regard.

I was first asked it I wanted to but some cheap sweets,then if I would like to get a credit card :twisted:

Smiths are just as bad with their half price Toberlerone & darn Harry Potter promos,& don't even get me started on Claires & their insistance that I have "qualified" to buy something I really don't want :twisted::twisted::twisted:


Sorry.Rant over.

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I had a shop the other week ask me when my home insurance was due :roll:

Told them it was absolutely none of their business!

I have also been asked for my postcode,which I do not give out.


I know that the sales/till staff are only following instructions & don't deserve people like me snapping at them,but this hard sell drives me mad.

I would never have asked the staff working in the shop I managed to bug customers with "would you likes..." 8)

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I'm with you on this one Sarah


It would also be nice to have someone on the shop floor to ask if you have a query. There never seems to be any shop floor staff anymore

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Perhpas you should counter their questions and hard sales with some of your own? Can I interest you in any building work? Do you need an extension? :D


I get annoyed at sales staff who don't ask the obvious questions. OH has a Homebase card, which I never take and often end up buying most of the stuff anyway. The checkout people always ask 'Have you got a Homebase card?' but when I say no, they don't ever say 'Would you like one?' This has been going on for years and I am really unimpressed with their initiative.

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Next time say to them:


"This is not just rude ... this is M & S rude."



Gallina - that has REALLY made me laugh :lol::lol::lol:


Love it!! Brilliant.


Sorry Sarah..on a more serious note....can I interest you in an Eglu and a couple of chickens? You get a free credit card and an extra large galaxy bar for your trouble... :wink:


They do get you wound up don't they. I feel sorry for the staff who have to ask everybody...

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I find it really annoying when people go up to you and ask if you'd like to buy anything, they look positively stunned if you say "I'm just looking" and then they come back and pounce on you after another 5 minutes!


I'm glad not many shop assistants come up to me in clothes shops though, otherwise I'm afraid I'd burst out laughing at some of the stuff they'd picked out, (seriously at the minute some of the fashions are completely and utterly hideous!)

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I hate it when I can't find something and I ask the shop assistant and then they proceed to wander around the store looking for it with me ! I CAN LOOK ON MY OWN THANK YOU!! :evil::evil:


I also refuse to give them personal details that they have no need/right to. Example - getting a refund "can you just pop your name and address down here" Reply "Erm No thanks I'll just need my card credited thanks" Response = bemusement/confusion/panic on the part of the assistant. "But we have to have it" Reply = "Do you? Can you show me where abouts in your refund policy that is stated only it does not say anything here about that?" (pointing to refund policy) "I'll have to get the manager" "Yes please do" [repeat above process with manager who will be equally miffed and bemused but with an air of authority] Stand your ground - you will get your refund. :wink:

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I went wedding dress shopping with a friend (for her, not me). She had the dress on that she had chosen and wanted a necklace to go with it.


The assistant pulled out what was quite obviously one of the most expensive necklaces in the shop and proceeded to exclaim how wonderful it looked, just perfect, oooh yes definitely etc. Really putting on the pressure to buy it.


I pointed out that I didn't like it, it was too fussy to go with the dress and something much simpler would be better.........the assistant sort of growled at me :evil: until my friend agreed and then chose a different one......and then guess what......


...the assistant exclaimed ooooh yes, this is perfect, it looks wonderful, you must get it etc :roll:


She was supposed to be offering real advice not just trying to make a sale - really makes me :evil:

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I'd never be like that if I was a shop assistant, I'm brutally honest with things like that and I get thanked for it when out shopping with my sisters in the summer!


Yes, but Liz, I think if you said to a customer, "Sorry madam, you look like you have a horse's backside wearing those jeans", I think you'd find yourself not a shop assistant for long! :lol::lol::lol:

I'd like to see it though! :wink:

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I feel the same way about cold callers on the phone :evil:


I had one yesterday and I tried to explain to her that as my number is RESTRICTED ex directory there was no way she could know my postcode which had apparently qualified me for consideration as a show home in some new magazine I hung up before we got to the bit about me only having to take out a subscription :evil::evil::evil:


I know I am going to get jumped on for being rude to them as they are only doing their job but a few weeks ago (the day I heard my mum had just had a stroke) I got one and I was upset but I tried to be polite and explain why I needed her to go away as I wanted the line clear in case of a call the girl called me a stupid cow :shock:


So I am back to being rude to them :roll:


At the airport last week when buying a bottle of water the assistant tried to flog me two bars of chocolate for 60p I said no thanks and she tried again which bit of I don't want them and don't like chocolate much anyway did she not get :evil::evil::evil:

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