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What is Aubiose?

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Thick...me....yes of course !!! :roll:

I have seen pictures of it and heard all about its wonderful properties but what is it made from?

I have asked in several pet shops and they all say "I've heard of it, but we dont stock it". :wall:

Is it the same as woodshavings for Rabbit bedding ?, as I can get that in lemon or lavendar scent and thought my girls would like the soothing aroma of lavendar to help them sleep at night ! I was thinking of lining the poo tray not the whole run !


Please help :idea:

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Thank you, I knew you would all know.

I am sadly not in a countryfied locale...Birmingham !

Any ideas on suppliers ? South Midlands area would be fine.

My husband has asked in our local pet shop, and they are really helpful and are going to see if they can get any but I guess it might be too big an item for them if it comes in bales :shock:

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thank goodness someone else has asked this question!!! I am currently using sawdust to line the poo tray, is aubiose or hemcore better then? the eglu and run are inside eglu fencing, so I dont put anything down in the run itself because they spend most of their day in the bigger area.

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I buy aubiose because that's what my nearest horsey place stocks - they say it's better than hemcore as it's not so dusty :?:


Anyway, the best thing about aubiose is that it rots down in the compost heap so much quicker than shavings. I also think it absorbs moisture better and that there's less waste as less sticks to the poops than shavings (I poop pick each morning).

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Is there any difference between Hemcore and Auboise?


I've found Aubiose to be slightly finer shreds than Hemcore. Hemcore is treated with Citronella oil to keep flies away, but it must be only in small amounts as I can't smell it! Hemcore is slightly cheaper at my distributor and it's English, which is always good.


Both products keep the run/eglu dry and odour free, they are also less damp than woodchip or bark, and compost much better.


I add a few drops of citronella and eucalyptus oils to mine to ward off the flies and keep it smelling sweet.

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I have just found the address and I think we will pop along tomorrow for a look. We are off on holiday soon and as neighbours have chooks they are kindly hen sitting, although I am fretting about leaving the girls. My neighbour is fantastic so not worried about that, I will just miss hen watching. I just thought that hemcore in the poo tray would make it a little more pleasant for the neighbours.

Also we are going to south Wales, and the news has just flashed up about Bird Flu in North Wales so I will be really worried if it spreads. :roll:

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Hello there


I know you are in Brum but I guess it wouldn't hurt to have another supplier just in case:


John Sturman Ltd

Victoria Cow Mills

Park Street

Rowley Regis

West Midlands

B65 0LU


Tel. 01215 591175


He sells Aubiose and Hemcore - although he didn't have any Hemcore when I went so I bought Aubiose to try...so far so good - reduces whiffs in the Eglu unbelievably and as someone else said - really dries everything up. It was £8.50 a bale from this supplier - and he put it in my car for me too! :)

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Silly question about aubiose. We havew found a supplier less than 2 miles from our house, & will pick a bale up tomorrow (for only £7.50-bargain!)

Our run came with a winter shade, which I have halved to fit near the door run end, & lets the girls get sunshine when the sun does shine- like today :D

When I put the aubiose in the run, will I have to put the cover over all the run to keep it dry, or does it not matter if aubiose gets wet in the rain?



If it helps for sourcing aubiose, I found my nearest stockist of aubiose by just searching the word "aubiose", & got sent back a couple of feed suppliers to phone, who then gave me my nearest stockist. Easy-peasy!

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Hi Jules


The great thing about Aubiose is that when it does get wet it dries out very quickly again- more so the top layers. So your girls will not be squelching around in a wet run :lol:


It does stick to things more though when its wet - when its been raining I leave a little trail of aubiose across the decking from the run to the house


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Thanks Laura- I was hoping for that answer. If I had to keep the run covered I would have had to go to Ikea for a clear plastic shower curtain on a Bank Holiday weekend.....not! :?

I know this is on a different topic somewhere, but hubby & I decided in our innocence to go to Ikea on a Bank Holiday Monday.... we hadn't been married long, & our marriage only just survived it



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Hello there


I know you are in Brum but I guess it wouldn't hurt to have another supplier just in case.


I'm in Birmingham too and I get my feed and Aubiose from:

Jackie Roberts Saddlery

Ivy Cottage

Walton Hill (one of the Clent Hills)


B62 0NJ

01562 710 343

You order on Tuesday morning and they have it in on Thursday.

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