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Just popping in to say hello

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Well, here I am with an hour to spare and access to the Internet! Boy have I missed you lot over the last 4 weeks! And look at all those new posts. How am I ever going to catch up??

So, tell me what I should be reading...I have looked at "things which annoy you"...Dan, you really are a naughty boy!

The building work is going really well; We now have half a house missing. The place we are renting down the road is FAB. Thank goodness for kind neighbours Kate A: Yes, there are a few about, although yours sound truly obnoxious! Next time you see that Jag parked outside your house and its dark....sneak out and let their tyres down! :twisted:


The chickens, donkeys, doggies etc are all doing very well. our builders love them, especially when I give them an egg each morning.... well, you've got to keep them on the right side after all...

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.... well, you've got to keep them on the right side after all...

Errr...except then they don't go, my builders have taken root. I'm wondering how many will be here for Chritmas. :roll:

But, I'm glad you have good progress (well, destruction).

We have missed you on forum Annie, hope you can get online during half term perhaps.

Delighted to hear from you & to know that chooks and all are well, xx

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Nice to see you back Annie, even if it is only for brief visits when you get internet access. The building works looks extensive :shock: I can understand why you moved out. How long is it expected to take? It will be fabulous when it's finished though- all that extra space :) . Although, just think, all those extra rooms to clean too :roll:

Good luck with it all, hope it goes well and is completed on time. Do keep popping back to the forum when you can, it's great to hear from you :):)

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