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Thats for that Claret!! :lol::lol::lol::lol:


Budgie smugglers *shakes head in disgust* :wink:


Cinnamon - Johannes took the picture just after he had set the cube up......wehad no idea he would post it onthe homepage! :shock: I would have worn my contacts if i'd known! :oops::oops:


Hope you had a good holiday BTW

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When we went away with my folks at easter, there was a real show off of a chap wearing what can only be described as an orange jockstrap - he thought he looked fab, but it was a totally ridiculous sight :roll: I prefer to have something left to the imagination!


There is a bloke on the loose in Sheffield who walks about the city centre in the summer wearing just a thong and flip flops. :roll:


A more grisly sight it is impossible to imagine.


He is often in the local paper as he gets arrested for breach of the peace or similar.


He shouts "violation of my human rights" and get released again.


He is about 60, with a bald head and a waist length ponytail ( if you see what I mean!) , and a flabby belly and stringy legs.


I feel that my human rights have been violated whenever I see him.


It really is quite revolting.


If a 60 year old woman was to do the same I wonder what would happen to her!

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There was a beach opposite the hotel in Kos which was very quiet & I used to go over there with a morning coffee & ponder.


Anyhow one day these 3 older chaps walked past me,said hello (German accents), & walked on by.

I turned to watch them walk up the beach & one had Speedps on, which is bad enough,but he had rolled down the top at the back & hoiked them up from underneath G-String style,so only a teeny triangle covered his big old hairy bum. :shock:

He was about 60 - it was HORRIBLE


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What is it about these ageing lotharios?


What do they see in the mirror that we are just not getting when we see them in the cold light of day.


They mustn't have full length mirrors as they are obviously not checking their rear view before the go out.


Perhaps they haven't got a gently critical partner to say "I'm not sure that look will give the right impression Dearest." Which translates as "If you think you are going out looking like that you can think again".


The best fashion adviser is a chorus of teenage and adult offspring greeting their fathers fashion selection for the day with " OHHhhhhHHH Daaaaaaaad! You can't wear thaaaaat!!!


Thong!!!! My children won't be seen dead with Him Indooors if he is wearing shorts! :lol:

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That one about the speedos reminded me of our holiday with my folks at easter, this old (german) guy came out fo the sea and used the shower at the top of the beach, but he took off his trunks and was washing his 'meat and two veg'. All completely innocent, but not really what you want to see.


That Borat pic was in the newspaper this morning (I didn't really read the article so egluntine may correct me) but it seems that the rest fo the cast were complaining that him posing in that monokini for publicity photos brought the film into disrepute. My take on that woudl be that if you're daft enough to make a film with him, then you know what you're letting yourself in for.


Kate - can we have that avatar reproduced here so that we can all have a laugh?

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That Borat pic was in the newspaper this morning


Arrr.....was that the photo you emailed me Clare? The guy stood with the denim shorts on, showing his bum cheeks! I didn't realise that was Borat!! hee hee!!


I honestly thought that was real and some nutter actually out in public wearing them!!


anyway - just to come back on topic for a second.......I've just spotted Annie and crew. Fab photo! Got to work out who the other cube owners are now.


I love the two 'mature' ladies with the gorgeous field of bright yellow rape seed behind them!


My fave of the eglu photos is this one....anyone any idea who's it is? It's a great photo. Wish my back garden looked like that!





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I have just looked in trepidation at the Omlet home page (if you keep refreshing, you see different pictures in a random order) and am very thankful to find that although there is a picture of my purple Cube in my garden, they didn't choose the one Johannes took with me next to it. That is such a relief!


It's an interesting range of pictures: every colour looks great.

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If you look at it closely I think you can see that its been either computer generated or enhanced in some way :wink:


The garden pic that it,not the Borat one :lol:


:lol::lol::lol: I wouldn't want to look THAT close at the borat picture Sarah!! :lol::lol::lol:


Gallina - I'll have a look out for your purple Cube.....would have been nice to see you in the picture though....

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well well Christian finally a picture escaped the censors :lol:


You're not how I pictured you either.................. I thought blond too! :lol:



:D :D


And for info, I am just under 6' without the heels - about 6'4 with them on!! :lol:


So these autographed raised beds........ are they on general release yet?? :wink:


And as for those Borat pics ...... :vom:




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