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The Dogmother

Clenched or naturally pert?

Are they clenched?  

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  1. 1. Are they clenched?

    • Naturally pert
    • Clenched

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After close inspection, I think they are slighty clenched.


If you look at the underneath bit, it looks like he's grabbed some of the material as he's cleanching....






Mind you, the boxers might be a bit small which would, in effect, pull everything in and up to give the impression of a clench



*more giggling*




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OMG! What have I started here? Support tights??? Boxer grabbing buttocks!!! the guys at Omlet must be wetting themselves (I know that I nearly did :lol: ), and I bet that Simon will never live this down - or perhaps he is loving it :roll:


I am popping into the Omlet office next Tuesday to pick up some T-shirts(off for a couple of days in half term) so I COULD offer to undertake the arduous task of checking out his botty *flexes knuckles*)!!! Bet he'll run a mile now :D:lol:


Don't even begin to wonder how James picked up on this thread - THAT BOY! :roll:


I'm glad to see that at last we have shocked Dan - haven't seen Jem on this thread, though.


Sounds like Ali's husband is in for a shock tonight :shock:


Mel, where are you when I need you!?


Just had a thought - maybe men have 'chicken fillets' in their pants like we have in our bras? Back of their pants, of course :roll::roll:


I'm off to beddies byes before this gets seriously out of hand...zzzzzzz

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There are new pants that were shown in the papers this week that add more curves (no, I'm not ordering any either :shock: ) - perhaps he's wearing some of those? :wink:


I saw that Lesley, I did laugh at them, can you imagine! Phil was glued to the page, but had to admit that a chap would get a bit of a shock when it got to the disrobing stage - left empty handed so to speak.


No, I think that the bottoms (are they Simon's?) are probably real.


Mel, what are you volunteering for? Squidging the bottoms - do you want to come with me next Tuesday?


A;i - did your OH mind?

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