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Clenched or naturally pert?

Are they clenched?  

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  1. 1. Are they clenched?

    • Naturally pert
    • Clenched

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Such a pity I've missed out on this thread so far, we've got major computer problems and I'm struggling to get on to the forum. This thread is worth the struggle though, I've been giggling all the way through :D . I do feel qualified to comment though, I did spend all day in Simon's company at Ardingly, and whilst I'd hate the poor guy to start getting paranoid about middle aged women eyeing up his very pert bottom, it was, on occasions, very difficult to resist :oops::oops::roll::wink: and that's despite him wearing a very shapeless (and ripped) pair of old cords. He's a really lovely guy though, friendly, easy going etc, but he does happen to have a very nice bottom too.

Better not say any more, I'm hoping to be invited to do some more shows, and I don't want them reluctant to have me for fear that I'll spend all day gawping at their bottoms :shock:

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Best admit then that whilst I can definitely admire a shapely young male bottom, these days I'd much prefer watching 5 feathery ones waving at me as they scratch about in the borders. It's a lovely sight to see as I glance out of the kitchen windows 8)

The question is, does that confession make me more or less of a perve :shock:

I do like chubby babies bottoms too, beautiful :D , but my babies are 12 & 13 now, and would be horrified if I even mentioned bottoms to them, even if skinny, athletic, football playing son has a very pert one indeed :D

I'd be up for an Omlet meet-up sometime, for sure, although the thought of all those eyeballs could be a little off-putting :wink:

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I like the line-up idea, Kate, but do you remember the hash we all made of trying to identify the Omlet guys from their faces that someone (Motherhen?) posted a few months ago? Judging by the way we all struggled with that one I think we'd all get it totally wrong if all we had was a picture of bottoms to go on :shock:

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