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The Dogmother

Clenched or naturally pert?

Are they clenched?  

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  1. 1. Are they clenched?

    • Naturally pert
    • Clenched

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Years ago (before I worked here) one of the girls walked into a changing room on one of the boys who had just got out the shower she said 'oh sorry ***** I did't realise there was anyone in here' and walked out again it later transpired that the individual concerned was in the buff with a towel over his head :shock: (name blacked to protect the not so innocent :lol: )


Question how did she know who it was :lol:


Anyway back to the main question is it clenched or au natural 8)

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Can you belirve how many pages there are on this topic. What does it say about us girls? It says that we'd much prefer discussing a gorgeous, naturally pert male backside than talk about out feathered friends - I do love my chickens, obviously, but priorities, priorities ............ Have you noticed how Dan and Red have kept their silence :shock: - they must be disgusted with us. :oops::lol::lol:

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Well, the votes are closed - I have seen the item in question, and I can confirm that it is SIMON! I have loaded a pic to the gallery to confirm this. After casting my expert eye over the item in question, I can confirm that it is 'naturally pert' - reckon that he does some exercise - and that Simon is suitably embarrased by his new-found fame!


I have a signed picture of Simon's pert botty, and I will be auctioning it on Ebay :wink: . No seriously, if anyone would like it (Sheila?) then let me know and I'll post it to you - first come first served (so to speak)!


Mel, see if you can embarrass him any further on Thursday. :D


Kate the pic is sideways - are you able to do anything to get him the right way up?

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I have a signed picture ....... if anyone would like it (Sheila?) then let me know ..


I was only checking this topic to make sure that you & Gina (and all) weren't getting too carried away! :oops::wink:

I vote Louise should be the recipient, if she'd like it!

It's bad enough that the builders are changing our door locks & LSH won't be able to get in the house after he's been away for 3 weeks. :wink: Unless I let him in :P Don't think having that pic on the wall would be a good idea! :roll:

(Can't believe I've just refused such a beautiful work of art....)

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