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Fancy Dress - help required.

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I need some ideas for fancy dress and thought I'd ask all of you for ideas.........


Lauren and Jake have been given 'class colours' so there will be a lot of children all with the same colour and so we're looking for something different.....


Lauren has to dress in Orange........


Jake has to dress in Yellow......


Jake will probably be a racing driver - yellow overalls etc. but any other ideas (apart from a banana or sunflower!) would be welcome.


Lauren - ?????????? (I dislike orange so much that I find it hard to even think orange :roll: )

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how about a big orange flower, i always look at hi-five on tv as some of their costumes are great and some can be easily copied, charile and lola is also great.

i would use a black bodysuit and green tights put a band of material around her middle and sew huge big orange foam pettals around the band, you can get big sheelts of thin craft foam from craft shops. faom is good as you can just cut it and it will have the stiffness to stand out. you could get some shimmery see through type fabric cut to petal shapes slightly smaller and stitch to the band on top of the foam. you could make a pretty headress if you liked as well. and put a bee on a pipe cleaner sticking out of it. you could use green foam to make leaf shoes that fit with elastic oround her own shoes.

i am sure i will think of loads of other things during the day.

how about an orange and yellow stripy cat or tiger?, you could have a waist band again with a tail on it and a headband with some ears a nose and wiskers on elastic.

or a big orange butterfly. you could have a black bodysuit with tights and make two huge orange wings attached to the back and her arms, so when she opens her arms the wings come out.

also do they have orange jellyfish?

you could use a black base a before and use an old hat to attach fabric and foam tendralls.

...................i could go on all day!!

i love dressing up costumes and surprising enough i am a geologist who teaches geography, maths and science and not art!

hope this helps

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Thank you all! :D - brilliant ideas! I'll pass them on to my daughter.


I suppose we'll have to cater for Lauren's accidents - I did laught at the bit where Sparkleee said butterfly wings for Lauren - if Lauren lifted her arms, she'd probably dislocate her shoulder again! :roll::wink:

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Lauren - ?????????? (I dislike orange so much that I find it hard to even think orange )



I work for TNT so I look at orange all day and we have a saying that when we have worked there too long our wee turns orange... :?


Unfortunately I feel a bit like you and don't like orange much so can't be of any help - just wanted to join in.


What a good idea though to have the classes have themed colours - then even if you an't recognise anyone you still know who you're supposed to stand near.



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Update: I had a good trawl on Ebay............


I found yellow disposable overalls and a full face helmet for Jake...........

slightly on the large side :?



Jakes version of fancy dress........



The finished product - just have to do something about the sleeve length :oops:



Lauren decided to be an orange jellyfish - an outfit that can accommodate slings, plaster casts,crutches etc. :D



It doesn't photograph very well - it has lots of beautiful ribbons and a gorgeous red/orange organza. Now we just need something to cover the plaster cast, which is covered with scribble :?:roll:


Thank you for all the ideas - I'll let you know how it goes on Sunday.

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They had a brilliant time! - the rain just about held off and all the classes assembled in the playground - there were some amazing outfits and the rainbow colours looked really good.


Lauren spent Friday evening back at Warwick Hospital - no more dislocated joints - she had something in her eye :roll: We chose the jellyfish just in case she should require any further slings/plaster casts/wheelchair :lol:


No prizes but they were happy to take part :D

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A couple of photos - I didn't get one of all the classes togather as my camera froze - It wasn't sorted until last night.





Jake's Class - you can just see him with the grey cycle helmet on.



Lauren's Class - she's behind the first traffic cone - just the top of her head showing



It was a brilliant idea and looked really good once they were all lined up. There may be some ideas there for anyone else who has to make an outfit!

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