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One Man Banned

It's good to be back.....

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on the Forum!!


Sorry that I seem to have been away so long but TWO PAGES of red arrows is something else!!


I've had problems with my internet modem (that Virgin swore blue it wasn't their equipments fault) and in trying to fix the problem they disabled my email accounts so no emails for 13 days!!! :mad:


and what with work keeping me out of the home I've been going stir crazy for weeks!! Was on hols last week in lovely Dorset and hoped to catch up then but couldn't get an internet signal on the site we stayed at so had to wait til now.


Will try and get through these posts soon enough but has anything shocking happened these last few weeks?




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:D Welcome back, Andrew, we missed you! I was hoping everything was ok when you suddenly went quiet.

:evil: about the internet, but hope you had a good time in Dorset.

All those red arrows though!

You could take a look at my pics in Eglus & Cubes "Tots & Reg" and also Omlet Tshirts around the world. Not that they're great but it took me a couple of hours to work out how to do it. :roll::lol:

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