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Probiotics - do they work?

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Has anyone tried those little probiotic drinks? Sometimes recently I feel I'm not digesting my food as well as I used to, and I wonder whether these would help.


I've bought a little pack of Muller Vitality, which tastes good (raspberries!) but don't know yet whether its going to make any difference.

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I have tried most of these, & I think they might work

I suffer from IBS & they do seem to help (although it might all be in my head).


But to be honest I either forget to buy them, forget to drink them or the children guzzle them all :roll:

Yakult are my favourites - yummy!

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Hmm - thanks - that's interesting. I've done a quick search like you suggested Claret - these articles are about probiotics in general. Apparently Which? has done an evaluation of different ones, but you have to be a subscriber to get access to this!


The Independent:



The Food Commission:



The Guardian:



The Guardian article is more general, and also states: 'industrial hens lay eggs that are lower in nutrients than those that are genuinely free range. In one study, farmyard hens in Greece were found to lay eggs with 20 times more omega 3 than US factory hens.'


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Cinnamon, what does Yakult taste like as it looks gross and i've never been brave enough to try it.


Its hard to describe. Sort of mild,milky & a bit fruity.I really like it & so do my daughters :P

They do a lite version now too, but I have never tried that.

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does it for me. I was very cynical, but I tried Actimel a couple of years ago and now I swear by it; one a day, and my IBS symptoms have all but disappeared, I can mess things up by drinking/eating too much of the wrong thing, but I've noticed a huge improvement.


I don't like the yukky flavoured ones though, it's got to be Original for me!

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Another IBS sufferer here - I just have some live yoghurt every morning and find it has good results - I have it in a banana smoothie - banana, yoghurt, milk honey and cinnamon(sometimes Camp coffee instead of the cinnamon)


I take Yakult if I've been on antibiotics.

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I was advised by a paediatrician to give my daughter a Yakult every day because it also helps with urinary tract infections. :D

I also read that probiotic drinks if drank regularly can help to prevent kids catching sickness and diarrhoea bugs as the good bacteria in their gut fight the virus off before it makes them ill. :)


Full of useless information that people don't really need to know!! :roll:



(edited to put a 'v' in advised :roll: )

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I suffer very badly with IBS especially when stressed ie when going on holiday the thought of getting on a plane turns me into a jibbering wreck. I was recommended some herbal probiotic tablets called Fast Balance GI made by Food Science of Vermont, and they worked wonders for me I started to take them 2 weeks before we flew to NYC and then continued through out the holiday, the change in water usually starts me off and sure enough on the second day I had an upset tummy i took the tablets and with in an hour my tummy had settled down, my son also got an upset tummy and they worked for him too...........The good thing about them is you can take as many as you need with out side effects, I used to take steroids for my IBS and they had dreadful side effects, that I just couldn't cope with.


The Fast Balance are really useful for taking when you are going abroad and may get a gippy tummy but they also make a Probiotic that complements the fast balance that can be taken daily.

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Hi Christine


My GP recommended the probiotic capsules rather than the drinks, simply because the amount of pro-biotic in the drinks can vary massively, not only from one brand to another, but from one batch to another.


To be sure of getting a regular, reliable dose of probiotic, get a tablet - you keep them in the fridge to retain their effectiveness.


Nicola H - looks like they work for you, too!


Sue x

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