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Joint accounts

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Perhaps you should get to bed earlier Kev? :wink:


I agree though, it can be difficult to know which one you are talking to - I originally set up as Lesley&Carl - but Carl said he didn't want to be associated with the drivel I was posting............... or words to that effect anyway :lol:

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Well its always Karl, in our case........As Andy is only ever a guest on here.....I will encourage him to sign up, god knows what name he will come up with........Not sure adding wife at the end would suit him though :wink::lol:



Just moved this from the egg tally thread as its now for suitable.......

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No confusing us:


Dan (dtrc1969) - boy GSOH

Debs (debs13) - girl




Only now I'm confused Dan, surely you stopped being dtrc1969 several months ago, and came out to us all as Daniel :?:lol::lol::lol:


Mine was meant to be a family account, hence my/ our user name is the first initial of our surname followed by family. However I'm the only family member who logs on, ever, the rest of them just go :roll::roll::roll: whenever I log on, and have zero interest in the forum. Suits me, that way they can't see what I say about them :wink:

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'Dan&Debs' sounds like one of those stickers you used to get across the tops of windscreens :lol:


Yes very early 80s :lol::lol::lol:


Did you see the ones that were "popular" (amongst certain groups of youths) a few years ago that had Me & My B**** written on them? :shock: Very classy I must say! :roll:

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I saw too many cases where one partner emptied the Bank Account immediately before splitting up from their partner :( This was 1971 so probably worse now. I've never had a joint personal account. Carl and I do have a joint business account though, but we both have to sign cheques.

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