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Close encounter of the furry kind

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Last night we had a heavy storm and when I shut the chickens in the run both they & I were anxious to go in as soon as possible. As usual when it got dark, my husband went outside again to lock them in the actual eglu for the night. Nothing unusual was seen and they had already gone in to roost.


However... this morning we were woken by large amounts of clucking (unusual for our hens) and when we went to investigate we found that next door's large persian cat had spent the night in the eglu with our girls!!!!


We can only think that the cat had gone into the eglu to take shelter from the rain whilst the hens were out and fallen asleep. What we can't understand is how our hens failed to notice this fact when they willingly went inside later onto roost. I can't believe they weren't killed being all cooped up together in such close proximity all night long.


Anyway the moral of this story is to check the inside of the eglu first every night. Although I think the cat definitely came off worse in this case - the chickens had both already laid their morning eggs so couldn't have been all that stressed out.

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OMG :shock::shock::shock:


I think the cat was probably terrified of getting pecked and clawed, maybe your chooks like the cat. I have a picture in my head of them snuggling up to its warm fur!!


:lol::lol::lol: And the cat lying there all night terrified to breathe!

(Sorry, but I think it's hilarious! :oops: )

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