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You know what really has been bugging me?

All those ads on TV & in magazines for mascara, where the models eyelashes MUST be enhanced in some way because NO-ONE has got that many eyelashes,that perfet & that long :evil:


How do these advertisers get away with it?


There.Glad I got that off my chest 8):lol:

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I just read about this in my Star magazine.

this is what it says:

"Penelope Cruz's LOreal mascara advert has been banned after it revealed that the actress was wearing fake eyelashes. The ad claimed that the mascara makes lashes look up to 60 percent longer-but the star was wearing individual false eyelashes to boost her own.

The advertising standards Authourity ruled that the advert exaggerted the make-up's effect. Oh dear!"



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The one that prompted my post is on the back of "HEAT" magazine,which I was idly flicking through earlier.

It is for Maxfactors Masterpiece Max Mascara, & the models eyes are like a china dolls - perfect lashes :?

There is no way they can possibly be real.........& no way would any mere mortals eyelashes end up looking like that just by using this stuff.

She easliy has treble the amount of lashes I do!


Interesting aboult Penelope Cruz :?8):lol:

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One of our clients is a media company and they do work for los of cosmetic companies, wont go into names though.......


They use computers to enhance the models and make their products look like they work, one that sticks in my mind that they told me about was a shampoo and conditioner, it was one for split ends and the after shot showed almost no split ends left, this was all enhanced by computers and was not real......


I doubt very much the advertising standards ever find out....They should really, but who is going to tell them, all the companies involved make big money out of it and most consumers would never be able to prove the products didnt work....

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I can vouch for Clinique for Men tho


That works





You'd never know I was really 27 seeing as I only look 18







Actually Andrew - nothing to do with Clinique - your youthful looks are cos i passed a law saying all 27 year olds must look 18. 27 is way to near 30 and being grown up for my liking.... (I take payments in eglus and chickens - no need for thanks... :wink: )


I've heard its when you get to 28 you start looking REALLY old..... 11 months to go... Sigh...

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Andrew,I need you to have a quiet word with Brian then.

I am a real Clinique fan & I got him a massive bag of samples which he is refusing to use :roll:

He says they all look the same in the brown packaging & he will stick to his Nivea for men,thank you very much.


Don't know why I bother sometimes :roll:

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