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Mrs Frugal

Card Makers Anonymous. Any other card makers out there?

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My name is Kate and I'm a card making addict :oops: . Can't help myself. All the lovely stuff you can buy is SOOO addictive that I've got a cupboard so full of bits and pieces that I could start a stationery shop :oops: . I don't sell the cards I make as I'm not that confident but it's such a lovely way to waste an afternoon :lol: .

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I love handmade cards and aways think they look simple to make. Well, the making is probably simple, but it's how the bits are put together isn't it? Mine always end up looking like something the children have made :roll: (in fact the Grandma's believe the children did make them to this day :oops:8) )

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Oooooo I'm a crafty addict! Hence my user name! I started crafting on a fold up table, moved to the kitchen table, but kept leaving stuff out everywhere! I then got some plastic bread delivery crates & kept stuff in those. Then I had a cupboard ( tallboy) in our hall, then about 5 years ago - hubby ( who was my boyfriend in those days) gave up & bought me my own summerhouse to craft in. It is fabulous - but in total chaos at the moment. I can't even get in it as it is full of boxes of stuff for a car boot. I want to hoover it all out & redecorate inside. Then & only then will I post photos on here.

I didn't go hobbycraft this afternoon, I went to Cheshire crafts in Winsford. Fantastic place, a real alladins cave. I bought a decoupage kit , some gren grass with flowers paper, some wooden ducks & flowers, some farmyard stickers (with chickens), yellow card blanks, double sided adhesive sheets, black ink pad, fine glitters & some water colour fillable brush pens. They have get togethers there every Tuesday & Friday. I am going to try & make the friday classes. You just turn up with your stuff & lunch , then craft all day with fellow crafters!

I spend hundreds on craft stuff - I just can't stop! Everything crafty, I have tried. Every gadget I have had & either still got or sold on.

I used to sell my cards. I have a chess themed one in a chess museum in America!!!! :shock: There is so much competition nowadays, that I just make cards for pleasure. Occassionally I will sell a few to people who want them. Otherwise, they get given to animal charities. I am working on some designs at the moment (artwork) for a card company called Phoenix trading. Just got to perfect the final designs, then I can send them off.

Knitting, embroidery, cross stitch, beading, jewellery, card making, painting, sewing, drawing, doing up junk. I love it all!!!!

I've even got one of those embroidery machines & it's fab, except hubby goes round in t shirts with mickey mouse & donald duck on them! :wink:

Crafting is FAbulous!



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Helen here and another card making addict! :lol:

I started making cards years ago....and all though crafty bits and bobs have really built up - to the point of taking over :shock:

My hubby has given up trying to get round the back of the sofa for all the boxes of beautiful papers!! :lol:

Does anyone else have a box of gorgeous papers that they drool over but can't bring themselves to use?

I have my eye on the craft workbox - check out www.papercraft4you.co.uk

it's expensive but I think it could be a good solution to my storage problems - just a word of warning though that music will be on your mind for days :lol:

I have been selling cards recently, my hairdresser insisted she had a box to sell for me and they have gone well so far.

I've also done wedding invitations for friends throughout the years.

I've toyed with the idea of putting some designs together and doing a wedding fair but I'm just not brave enough!

Anyway enough prattling for now - Happy crafting! :D

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Hi Helen - yes, I have papers that I can't bring myself to use!! :lol: I have a lovely sheet of hand-made paper - it lives under the spare bed to keep it flat. It was at the house and has only just moved here, when we moved all the furniture in - I looked at it for ages, planning what I could do with it................. and then put it away again :roll:


Wedding Invitations would be a good way to go Helen. I used to make cakes and eventually moved over to making Wedding Cakes only. People are happy to spend proper money on anything for a wedding.


Novelty Birthday cakes earned me around 50p an hour - Wedding cakes earned me a decent amount.

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I too love crafting, I have done a lot of cross stitch in the past but not at present, I make cards although not very often.


Last year I bought some s"Ooops, word censored!"booking stuff but still havn't had the chance to get going with it, oh and I bought some more s"Ooops, word censored!"booking stuff last week on my cruise.


I'm thinking this winter will be the time to get going again...

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