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Egg advise please

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Hi all I have a 2/3 year old Brahma hen who lays a lovely light cream coloured egg, this past month or so I’ve noticed that a day or so after it’s layed it turned spotty, it looks like dark grease marks appear unlike my maran who lays a ‘proper’ speckled egg. Does anybody have and idea why this is, not sure what or if I need to do anything for her diet etc they are free range and have layers available throughout the day. Any advise would be appreciated. 

I will post a picture of her and the egg straight after it’s layed and what they look like after a day or so. I keep my eggs in the fridge. Thank you :)




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It’s really good to know I’m not the only one, she’s the oldest I’ve had so far and I have never seen this before, as it’s only just recently started to happen it got me slightly worried :) thank you for your reply x

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She's a beauty! Brahma have feathered legs though - could she be a Light Sussex or a cross?

I think you're right that the egg shells get thinner (and eggs bigger) as the chickens get older so wouldn't worry too much, maybe use them up a bit earlier than you used to.

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That's a sign of a thinner and more porous shell, what you see is the liquid inside the egg permeating out. You'll often get this in older hens as their shell gland becomes less efficient, although younger hens can sometimes produce poor quality shells. You might want to add a little extra calcium to their diet - grind up baked eggs shells into a powder and add a little, plus some cod liver oil to their pellets. Also make sure that you worm them regularly with Flubenvet, as a heavy worm load would leach the nutrients that are needed to make good quality eggs.

Follow this regime and you are giving them the best chance of producing good eggs

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