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Guest revnev

intros - a happy story :-)

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a couple of weeks ago Spot died - non-specific chicken-drop-dead-itis, leaving Miggins on her own.


fortunately I was due on a BHWT rescue the following saturday - so booked a couple of hens, but i was nervous that miggins (huge brute of a bird) would simply eat them for pudding...


so I set them up a temporary pen so they could view each other...


here's Miggins eying up Windle Pooms..




but Miggins soon found her way in - and bl.oody murder was not done - so I said stuff it and let them all out together (sleeping together having been no problem)


less than a week later - with no bloodshed - Miggins and Duracell sit happily together under the bench as if they have been friends all their life - about to go off handbag shopping together:




and the usual introduction flashpoint - food in a confined space - seems to be no problem at all 8)





chicken introductions?? nowt to it!! 8)



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Sorry to hear about Spot Revnev but glad the intros have gone well!


Duracell looks fully feathered compared to Windle Pooms!!!


yeah - my daughter picked them out - we decided to have a feathered and an oven-ready


i reckon the feathered ones (there are always a few) were the top chooks in their cage - all the rest got pecked!


though - of the two - Windle Pooms is the bolder and the more confident - perhaps cos she thinks she has less to lose! 8)



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Lovely hens Phil (she says writing through her laughter as Milo dribbles on the duvet cover watching hubby eat his croissant) Windle is my fave despite the silly name! :wink: How you and Carys chose i'll never know - there were so many! Glad the into's have gone well! Though i still think Robin and Emanuel would have been better names! :wink:

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Im so sorry to hear about Spot - its always a shock when you lose a good chicken friend. :(


I love the pictures Phil - they remind me of The Good, the Bad and the Ugly but not too sure which is which! :wink::lol::lol::lol:


Windle looks like she needs a lot of love but if Duracell and Miggins are being good friends then she has it made already. :D:D:D

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So sorry to hear about Spot. It's so hard to lose a loved chook. :cry: I know what you mean about the 'drop-dead-itis'. Patty died in January, our first loss so we paid £150 for a post mortem to discover that nothing obvious was wrong - apparently they can just switch off! :shock:


Good luck with your new one! We have just bought 3 Bantams so watch this space!


All the best.


Sal x

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