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First aid after eglu accident

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I found my bantam slumped in the corner with her head stuck fast between the bars of our eglu classic this morning.  I am not sure how long she had been like that - it was raining yesterday and the girls were in most of the day, so I didn't specifically do a head count last night - she could have been there since late afternoon.  At first I thought she was dead, her head was well jammed and she was limp.  I got her out but her head was flopped forwards and she was off her legs.  I lifted her head up and syringed some water down her throat a few drops at a time and she moved her head around whilst it was up.  I have brought her inside and repeated the water drops a few times.  She is now watching telly being nursed by my daughter, while her head is up, she seems to be able to move it around looking about her and is now scoffing pellets from my daughter's hand like there is no tomorrow.  If she lowers her head however, it flops to the floor.  She has managed to weight bear on her legs a few times but then her legs go.  She is chirruping a bit too.  I am carrying on nursing her assuming she is weak and dehydrated from lack of food and water, and tired from struggling.  I am concerned about her neck though.  I am hoping it is just sore and that getting it from the floor to 180 degrees upright is too painful, but when it is upright she feels more comfortable.  I don't have any nutridrops in, is there anything else I can do to boost her up?

Also slightly concerned about the whole roosting bar issue.  Has anyone else had this with an eglu classic.

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Oh dear!  I think you need to take her to be checked by the vet.  I’ve never heard of this and I’ve had bantams for years in classics and cubes.  Is she young and particularly small?  I know that if you have young ones you are supposed to remove the run bars. 

Let us know how she gets on

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I think I posted originally in the wrong section!

Sadly we have had to euthanise her.  Her neck was too badly injured and she was unable to stand, hold her head up and was gasping.  Wondering whether to remove the roosting bars though.  Wouldn't like to find that again.  It was horrible.

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So sorry.  It sounds like a freak event.   The problem in removing the bars is that they will be lying directly in the poop tray, which isn’t good for them either.  Do you have a Mk 1 or 2 cube? 

Sandy Bridger, who sometimes posts on here has installed a perch in her Mk 1 cube using a tension bar.  If you want to see a picture of it, look on the Omlet Chicken Keeping FB page for posts under her name.  

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