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Looking for a 2x3x2 walk-in rum please.

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Hi, looking for a good condition 2x3x2 walk in omelet run. I weight up getting something that does the job and 1/2 the price new but then I just doing like it. I like the omelet run. I just can’t bring myself to pay another £550 on top of the hen house I already spent £180 on and the £100 in chicken feed, grit, feeders etc. 

Also looking to get some ex: battery hens. I am looking for fresh free range organic eggs more than anything and to give the chickens a better life. 

Based in BIllericay, Essex 


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2 hours ago, Cat tails said:

Keeping chickens is expensive business. It’s unfortunate that you find it out half way through.


The thing is that if you buy quality, it will last forever and need minimum maintenance. Lots of us on this forum have come to plastic housing via wooden coops and find it so much easier to maintain, the fact that the housing holds its price so well 2nd hand is testament to that.

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