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Earthquake on Monday

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On Monday morning, I was woken by what I thought was a clap of thunder. I didn't think anything else of it as it was closely followed by ten or so minutes of torrential rain.


It was only later that morning, when I was fully awake, that I remembered this clap of thunder, and then realised I'd not heard anymore, or seen any lightening.


Had the radio on for the lunchtime news, and I just caught the tail end of a story about an earthquake in the Midlands. I think Nuneaton was mentioned. Could this have been the rumble that woke me?

Did anybody else hear/feel it? Am I hallucinating??

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I must be going bonkers!


Actually, a little thing happened the other night that I've put down to being poorly. I actually halucinated! I've got a really bad throat infection and I thought I felt something crawl under my skin in my neck. The next time I looked in the mirror I noticed I'd got the most awful scratches under my chin and down my neck where I drew blood trying to get the thing out. Scared myself half to death.


A really bizarre experience. I look like I've been attacked!!


Maybe the Earthquake was another 'moment'


:roll: I could have put money on it being on the radio too.

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Gina, I'm sure I'm not the only one who's worried for you.


Have you been to the doctors yet?




OR, perhaps it's already too late...














The Men In White Coats have arrived here Gina, I've sent them up to yours :wink:





Seriously though, I'd be quite worried if that had happened to me - Do hope you feel better soon.




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If there had been an earthquake in Nuneaton, you most certainly could have felt it in Leicester. Remember the one in Birmingham a few years back? It was about 2am, I was into a good book so lying reading in bed when the whole bed jumped up and banged down again. It absolutely terrified me - didn't realise it had been an earthquake until I listened to the news next morning! :shock:


I believe you Gina!! (hope you feel better soon! :( )

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There is a site which records all earthquakes, worht Googling for it.


We were in Anglesey when there was a sizeable earthquake off the Norht Wales coastline, all the, very heavy, beds and wardrobes in the holiday cottage moved two feet away from the wall :shock: We all leapt out of bed in fright.


My teenage son slept on :roll: .......... in the top bunk of bunk beds which ended up in the middle of the room :shock::lol:

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The story >>HERE<< mentions that Nuneaton was one of the places hit by tornadoes.



Shona - you have just saved me from Andrew's Men in White Coats!! I've sent them packing Andrew :lol: Thanks, I think :wink:


I knew I heard something!! Phew!!! I really did think I was loosing the plot then.


The neck thing was really upsetting! I have since been to the doc's though and I'm quite sane! He put it down to an empty tummy and a temperature and a very sore and swollen throat.


Of to read that report now. I had a really good look on the Beeb news site too. Couldn't see for looking :roll:

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