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OMLET TEA TOWEL - time to get drawing

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As some of you may remember,an Omlet tea towel was proposed some time ago, but never came to fruition due to a lack of pictures being sent in.


But, now that the forum is larger I am hoping I can persuade you all to submit a picture for the towel & we can get this brilliant project off the ground.


What we need is a line drawing of you, or you & your chickens, or just a chicken if you like,in dark pencil or ink, in black & white only.

Include your forum name, so we know who is who.


I think a simple picture will work better than something with lots of small details. Don't worry if you are not artistic - my effort was terrible :lol:


Please draw it on a peice of paper or card about the size of a standard post card, & send it to -


Omlet, Tuthill park, Wardington, Oxon, OX17 1RR


or email it to johannes@omlet.co.uk


Thanks - I am looking forward to seeing the finished product already!

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I was worried about this as I really really can't draw, even my stick men come out wrong :(


BUT, now I've had an idea and boy will it not go away - but how do I draw it on a PC :?


Is it as simple as using Paint or something, and now I'm breaking into a cold sweat - I've only ever used paint to make a picture of my signature (purely to save me remembering to sign letters after I print them off :oops:)






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Just so you can recognise me I will be represented by a large blob on the t-towel with a feathery blob at my feet as my artistic skills are pants! :lol::lol::lol:


Make sure you add the trademark blonde bombshell locks and we'll know it's you Em :wink: As for Mo - well you already have a mini sized model to copy with a gorgeous strip of red hair :wink::wink::lol:

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Do those of us who did one the last ime need to re-submit, or does Johannes still have them?


I am waiting to hear from Johannes on this one.

Will let you know as soon as he gets back to me :P

I'm waiting for this answer! Have I missed it? :?:oops:


Emma, that really isn't fair! :wink: I had to manage all on my own and I am NOT an artist of any talent at all. I am hugely embarrassed by my attempts now I see what Shona has produced. :wink:

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