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Omlet Walk In Run Strength?

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Be aware that they aren’t rodent or small bird proof.  I’ve had to spend another £100 on weldmesh for the top half plus £120 for someone to put it on.  I love my 2x MK 1 cubes and 2 x Classics, but the Omlet WIR is my worst purchase.  Might be right for you though so good luck 

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Yeah, I ordered the 13' extension that is like 3' tall and not impressed with the flimsy stuff so not ordering the giant walkin I wanted. Instead, I am keeping the extension for spare parts because the refund is like 150 after shipping so kind of a waste for me. We bought a 10 x 20 with roof made from galvanized steel pen thing and already had 1 of those that is 6' tall no roof putting hardware cloth doubled on top it is 6' x 10' and attaching that to the 10 x 20 we ordered. All galvanized steel like dog fencing. Because the diameter of the fencing is really large we are putting 1/2" hardware cloth around the entire contraption including the hen house with 6' run. As for the predator proof at the bottom we are taking the hardware cloth and doing that on the giant dog fencing copying what omlet did but no clips and all. Just bend the wire where we want it and zip tie it all around. I plan on doing pictures when all this is done. The MK2 will be inside the giant run with the 6' short run and during day the doors will be open at night of course closed. Then the food and water I am attaching to the run because I have a system I am building for that and will also take pictures when all is said and done. I like the hen house a lot from Omlet and just hoping the door replacement gets shipped today so I can finish the build. If you are going to attach feeders that are not supplied by Omlet I would reinforce the run with hardware cloth. They have green at Amazon if you opt for the green 1/2" in diameter which mine arrived on Monday and super small opening and really strong. 

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