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Avocado...urgent advice needed please...

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just how toxic is avocado to chickens ?


Had pasta salad for tea with avocado in and there was a bit left over... OH reckons he picked all the bits out but gave the chooks the leftovers... I heard him shut the back door but by the time I'd yelled "don't give it to the chickens" he had and they'd scoffed it :-(


There was probably a trace in it - y'know the way it mushes up ?


How worried should I be ?


Gutted as we're emigrating in 4 days with our girlies and I don't want to go out in the morning and find 3 bodies :-(



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... but don't be too worried Hazel, other people on here have accidentally fed avocado to their chickens :oops: and they have survived. I should think a few bits mashed up in pasta will be ok. I'm sure they will still be there to emigrate with you!

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Don't worry too much. I was unaware of the danger of avocado and as they seemed to adore it I was giving it them regularly as a treat.

When I mentioned this on the forum it was pointed out to me that it was poisonous to animals and birds.

They were as fit as could be but I stopped feeding it. I am sure yours will be fine !


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Wow, that is interesting.


It says:


"In birds, the symptoms are: increased heart rate, myocardial tissue damage, labored breathing, disordered plumage, unrest, weakness, and apathy. High doses cause acute respiratory syndrome (asphyxia), with death approximately 12 to 24 hours after consumption." :shock:

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Hi all,


Thought you'd need to know that persin is the 'common name' for ....


wait for it.....


(+)-(Z,Z)-acetoxy-2-hydroxy-12,15-heniecosedien-4-one :roll::eh:


Its believed to be a natural insecticide/fungicide. Its produced in avocado plant cells in the leaves and fruit. My semi-educated (I was only half listening) guess is that levels of the toxin will be higher in the skin than the flesh but, given that the avocado is quite 'fatty' (mainly mono-unsaturated so quite good for you in small doses) it would not be a good idea to give it to an animal who's digestive system isn't up to the job so to speak.


Best avoided for definate!


Loz :eh:

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