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All set up now and just need the chickens ...

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... but have I got it right?


It is on bark and woodchips and I will get some hemcore for the nestbox. I have put in an old branch and a few rocks for them to climb on and the pink litter tray is for soil/sand for a dustbath. Is this too much? should I have left them more space for scratching around in?


Also, and this is probably a really silly question but how do you manage to clean the run? When I was setting it up, the only way I could get into it was to unscrew it from the eglu and prop it up with a post. But how do I do it when there are chickens in it if I'm not able to let them free-range?


I know it is supposed to be easy to move but the whole thing seemed really heavy so not sure if I could drag it off the chippings and up the grass.


I'm sure I'll manage to work it out but any advice would be gratefully received.


I had almost decided to get pekin bantams but found myself explaining the benefits of ex-batts to the OM so don't know . On holiday next week but need to make my mind up and do something positive when we get back.



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That looks fabulous Rona - all colour co-ordinated! 8)

I love the landscaping. But cleaning out can be tricky. I just used to use a rake and rake the old stuff towards the door. New aubiose got thrown in in a big heap. The chooks levelled it out themselves! Occasionally I'd undo the run clips and split it in two for a really good clean out, but you'll probably find you don't have to do :D that too often.

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looks very good to me, but they might need a bit more room to scratch around in, you will soon see when you get the chickens.


Have you got some sort of cover for your run....shower curtain? winter shade? I used a clear shower curtain under the winter shade for winter last year and it coped really well in all the wet and cold.

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oh.... it looks lovely rona :D

i am sure they will love it, did you find a breeder yet?, i have found another one near me. today i picked up two light sussex and two marrans. i think fritton poultry breed pekin bantams and they are not that far from you.

have a really great holiday. 8)8)

you could clean the run whilst the girls are free-ranging. you could pick up the end of the run and swivel it to the side carefully or get someone to help you lift it clear.

if you cant let them free range you could shut them in the eglu and move it carefully (i have done that before) :D

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Are your bark chips on grass or slabs? If they are on grass and quite deep the chickens digging will get rid of a lot of the muck but you will have to give it a dig over from time to time and add new chips.


Hubby and I usually lift it clear of the chipped area and sort it out every few weeks.


Be warned they will throw the chippings out of the run when they dig so some sort of barrier around the bottom would help, we have a piece of old planking leaning againt one side and there is a flower bed on the other side therefore we don't mind a bit of fertile rubbish on that side!


Good luck with your ladies they are fun :)

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Thanks for your comments, I have got a winter cover for it now but the photos looked better without it. I think I will probably end up building a walk in run and have been reading all the posts and looking at the pictures of the ones on here to get ideas but I'll have to shuffle things around in the garden a bit to find a suitable spot for it.

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Lovely setup Rona. Don't worry about moving the eglu & run, it's actually quite easy, I can do it by myself no problem. You may have to watch though 'cos you've got the blue edging - might need 2 of you to lift the whole thing at once.


I agree with others you'll need something to stop them kicking all the stuff out - I've used an old cover from a rotary clothes drier fixed on with cable ties but clear plastic would probably look better.


Re cleaning run, I just rake it over occasionally. I haven't changed my hemcore yet (although it's only been 4 weeks!) as they seem to dig it all into the soil anyway. I will add new stuff when I get back from holiday ........ talking of which ........


I got a surprise when Sparkleeee mentioned Fritton - we're going on holiday there next week!!! Bit of a panic re chickensitting however as good friend who usually has our dog (we were planning on taking bikes) and was very keen to chickensit (must be careful not to type an "h" after "s" :shock:), has had to go up north to her sick dad. So dog is coming on holiday and I'm wondering which friends to ask re chickens - I'll find out who my true friends are :lol: .

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