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Just like to say hello.

I'm new here, although I have been 'lurking' for a while. :oops:

We've been thinking of getting chickens for some time but finally placed an order for a red cube & 4 chooks after visiting the team at the Newbury show.

We're scheduled for delivery at the end of the month & we're sooo excited!

(except our teenage son who thinks we're mad)

I'm bound to be posting lots of questions so please be patient!



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Welcome from us too, can I just offer a word of warning though? You can fit FAR more than 4 hens in a cube!!! :lol::lol: We got 5 with ours and within a week had added two more, so be warned! You can never have too many chickens!!!


Mrs Bertie


I know.....there's already a possibility that we may be re-homing some from an ex-colleague of OH

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