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The everlasting laundry blues

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Laundry... Laundry... Wherefore art thou Laundry...

Morning and noon, evening and night

Moon after moon, and all through daylight...


Load after load in the machine will go

Sports clothes and uniforms also

Nappies, towels and so much bedding

Always I hope to be left with nothing


But more comes faster than ever

Be it summer or middle of winter

Laundry, oh Laundry always

Your slave each mother stays...





Just my way of moaning about hours and tons of laundry on a Saturday afternoon...

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I seem to spend half of my life processing laundry :shock: . So I have a lot of empathy with your posting Ziggy :) .

I've just about managed to finish wshing and drying mine.................. just have to tackle the ironing now :roll:

Me too Kate - I keep finding other things to do though! :lol:

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:mrgreen: Send him round here when he's finished please Emma. I've still got to clear up after dinner; I've 2 baskets of ironing ready and waiting; the lounge looks like a bombsite (I can't see the carpet for toys) and the boys want me to play with them before they have their bath and go to bed. :( I don't know where to start :roll:


OH is at work until 8.30 so I then have him to feed. Think I'll stay on here a bit longer. :oops:

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I am convinced my sons take in laundry for their friends.:


When m son comes back from University he always brings a huge bag of dirty washing "for you Mum" as he puts it. He has learned to duck quickly. :roll:


There are always odd items, usually unspeakable towels that belong to his flatmates included in it. In fact I think he just picks everything up off the bathroom floor and brings it home "for me"! :?

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:D I always said the same... was ranting to my husband about the possible advantages of naturism... less cost in buying clothes, no cost of buying and running a washing machine, much better for the environment... and he just said .... 'Yes, yes, but.... IN ENGLAND???'... Okie the climate is not so favourable to it, but sometimes it's a nice thought... imagine laundry free weeks...

Anyway, I'd better stop rambling, and go and start this week's laundry assault course....

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I'm always pleased with myself when I gat to the bottom of the ironing basket - then I go upstairs to put it all away and realise that the laundry basket upstairs is full AGAIN - and I could have sworn I emptied it just yesterday...


...OH solution? why don't I get a bigger laundry basket!


And if I do ever get everything clean and ironed and put away? - it won't all fit in the drawers :roll:

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