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Live Chick Cam

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I could see them but only after running active-x control (??) I got a little extra bar on my toolbar which I had to click before it let me watch - they're doing just what my 2 are, eating some food, pacing up and down a couple of times, eat a bit of food, pace up and down, eat a bit of food....

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Horarahhhhhhh glad it all works. The only problem I have is that SKY Broadband keeps giving up then I have to reconfig each time.


At weekends and eveneing they go out to play but Mon - Fri during the day they are in Solitary Confinement hatching another escape plan !!


I have to keep a watch on them during their daily exercise as I dont know where the wodden gym horse came from :D


AND as for the dirt on there feet is that coming from some kind of soil transporter up their legs?


O dear I cant beleive I am typing this :oops::D:D

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