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Onions and Garlic

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Here are the garlic and onions we have grown this year - should last a year! The onions were grown in a raised bed 4' x 10' and the garlic overwintered in a small bed 2.5' x 2'


I cleaned them all off yesterday - it took nearly 4 hours. They are ready to string now.


I also have a carrier bagful of ones to use first, ones with a thicker neck which haven't dried out.


I still have two large bunches of garlic to clean and string as well.



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I plant garlic in the Autumn but I find onions store better if planted in Spring. The Autumn ones will be ready earlier and useful through the summer though.


Have you got garlic to plant Martin? - there are still some bulbs around in the garden centres.

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I shall put mine in this weekend.


Martin - just separate the cloves and push them into the soil, about

5"/12cm apart each way. They will start to grow and then stay pretty dormant through the winter. They get a good start then in the Spring but you won't harvest until July/Aug time so make sure they're in a patch of the plot you don't need to use for a while. It is only a small area though.

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I have now strung all the onions......



I forgot I was supposed to be cleaning off the garlic........ and I forgot to plant the next lot of garlic...... :roll:


I just need to find somewhere to hang all the onions now - I want to keep them on view but they need to go into one of the outbuildings really :(

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We usually keep a few strings in the kitchen, and they seem to keep ok. We have a tall cupboard by the back door so we pot some nails into the top of the cornice on the cupboard sticking upright, then we tied a washer to the top of the string and put the washer over the nail. They look quite good.


The rest of the onions are attatched to nails aroung the walls of the summerhouse. They always keep until the next ones come round unless we eat them first but we do grow an awful lot because there is hardly a meal cooked here that doesn't contain at least one onion.


Your onions look great I don't have the patience to clean mine quite so well and usually do them as I bring them into the house. :D

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HERE is a diagram showing how to string onions.


I start off like that and secure one big onion at the bottom but then I add three more onions at the same time by using the double string as one string, place the neck of the onion at the front, wind the onion behind the double string and cross it back over the neck. The weight of the onion will hold the onion in place. When you have the first onion and the next three then you only need two hands instead of three :wink:


These 4 onions are stable and you then just add onions in the same way, making sure it doesn't get too heavy.

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