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Bird flu advice

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We have just read the guidance by Defra on their website which seemed to suggest they would need to be kept in a garage or shed. However we also check Gov.Scot as we live in Dumfries and it states that ideally indoors is best but runs can be netted. The net needs to be 25mm square as a maximum to prevent wild birds getting in. As a must strict bio security needs to be maintained, which you can get guidance from Defra. We have an eglu and run so we will be netting ours.


hope it helps

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If the mesh is small enough to prevent small birds to get in, I think your adhering to the rules. Covering with a tarpaulin will have more benefits than just limit contact with wild birds. It will keep your hens protected from the elements as well.

And yes, most birds poop in flight.

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Guest Eggloo Hater

Indoors means totally indoors, I'm afraid. That means bringing your girls completely inside,. Eggloos & hutch style coops with run are not classed as an indoor environment...your ladies need be in a purpose built indoor space (or well lit shed), with no access to grass (you will have to supplement their diet with greens & Vit D).

I wouldn't second guess this mandate from DEFRA - if your birds get Avian Flu & you get caught with them running around on grass/soil, in eggloo run, you could be liable for the cost of whole the slaughter operation in your area - which will be life changing, believe me.

Avian Flu comes back to haunt us every few years. Preparation for this possibility should have been made before you got your hens.



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