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Urgent help needed please. What would you do to help this poorly Robin ?

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20210108_155203.thumb.jpg.e2f02d4904072b1ea748b260dc378789.jpg This lovely Robin has been in our garden since last Sunday. He can only fly about 4 inches off the ground. One of his legs or foot on that leg, I can't quite tell, is badly damaged. He has survived so far out in the cold but today, when I went out to the girls, he was huddled on the patio. I couldn't find him at all yesterday so I'm not sure what ate then. I've given him some mealworms and sunflower hearts just now. He ran away from me and hid by the fence when I threw the food.

Should I try and catch him, I have a spare bird cage, or is it best to leave him and hope he survives the cold ?

Obviously it is starting to get dark now.

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Thanks @soapdragon

It is really hard. He looks so pitiful.

When I got a closer look at him on Sunday, his leg was stuck out at an angle and his foot was curled.

He did actually manage to fly high up on to the top of the fence and into next doors garden but he must have come back on the Monday and has been in my garden ever since.

I wish I'd looked harder for him today, but when there are leaves in the garden, which are the same colour as him, he is sometimes very hard to spot, if you can spot him at all.

Have to hope that it is not too cold tonight and that the food I've put out doesn't get eaten overnight by unwanted visitors.

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Thanks all 😊

I've rescued birds before but usually ones that don't run away.  A thrush was one of the prettiest birds I've rescued and set free.

I will have a good look for him tomorrow and leave out some more food, and maybe even some grated apple.

I'm hoping that as he has survived outside so far, that he might carry on.

I was just thinking how cold he might be sleeping on the ground as opposed to on a twig or branch.

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Robbie is still here, alive and well.

I think he must have snuggled near my back door somewhere as that is where we found him this morning.

He has hobbled off somewhere in the garden as I can't see him hiding anywhere near my door right now.

I spoke to some wildlife people and they said to leave him as he has managed so far and I can't catch him.

Hopefully the temperatures will rise as they are meant to in the next few days, so this might help him further.

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On 1/8/2021 at 6:12 PM, soapdragon said:

Oh Luvvie, it's so hard to know what to do, isn't it? My reaction would be to feed and leave but then I'd worry about cats....😪. As Martin says, some shelter would be helpful, if you can find him again. 

Did it turn up again......if not  it might have  just  recovered   and  flown  away    lets  hope  so  

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