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Injured girl.

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When I went to close the coop just as dusk was appearing my girls were still out and making a noise.  As it wasn’t dark I was going to give them a handful of scratch before they turned in. But Hilda, my Black Marren, was laying in a heap halfway under the chicken wire. She must have decided to try and reach some grass and somehow pushed the wire away from the edge of the walk-in run.  Loads of feathers and blood everywhere. I brought her into the house and saw that her skin under her wing and along her side is torn.  She seemed quite calm and was breathing easily. My daughter is a bit of an animal whisperer! Anyway I phoned the local vets and what’s-apped photos of the hen. The vet said they didn’t have  much to do with chickens and would probably only give painkillers and antibiotics.  She advised me to contact a specialist exotics vet. At the moment Freda is sleeping peacefully in a cat box on a towel in the front room.  I hope she makes it through the night.  I know chickens are tough ole birds but I could cry! 

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Thank you Well this morning I had a good look at her and as well as the injuries she had broken or dislocated her leg.  I had no alternative but to get my friend to come and send her to chicken heaven.  Today I’ve been re-pinning the wire.  I think they must have picked the cable ties along the bottom of the run.  

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