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Please can you brilliant people advise me?  I’m buying an Omlet walk in run and I want to use the deep litter method   Should I use hardwood chips straight onto the ground or lay membrane or concrete?  I think I will only have 4 hens. Which brings to another point. I originally had 3 hens but now have only 2.   The new run etc  will be ready from about March   Should I wait till then to introduce 2 more hens? Help really appreciated   


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I don’t really know anything about doing deep litter other than I think you need it to be completely dry.

I would definitely advise concrete or paving slabs under the wood chip though. If you put them directly in the earth they will get mixed into it and it’ll get muddy and if you try membrane the chickens will dig through to it and tear it up.

Regarding adding another two hens - it probably would be better to wait until you have the new run unless you have space now to initially keep them separate for a bit (I can’t remember what your current set up is).

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You must go for concrete or paving slabs as you will be a mess of wood chips and mud.

This can lead to the chickens having foot problems and they will stop laying.

Just get some secondhand slabs and just lay them on the grass with the run on top and its as easy as that.

I had 3 chickens then brought 2 more into my flock and it was WW3 as they can be so cruel to each other.

I would get them but let them run outside together then coop them up separate until they get used to each other.

Good luck.Peter


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I have an Omlet WIR attached to one of my Mk1 cubes. Had to make it small bird and rodent proof by covering it in 1/2 inch weldmesh so not my favourite Omlet buy.  But I have been able to keep it bone dry inside by covering it with tarps from Tarpaflex plus the door wall has wavy plastic sheet that I can move into place in really vile weather.   I have log roll round the perimeter, and the outside and inside perimeter are slabbed.   I use deep litter aubiose, which I rake ground sanitiser through regularly.  Lasts for months.  I use about 3 bales a year between this and a 3m cube run.   Costs about £33 a year.  I find it easier to keep clean than hardwood chip. 

I only use woodchip in the uncovered area round the runs.  But of course that is not used at all now.  I buy that from Bark UK.  10x 70 litre bags lasts me about 2 years.  

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