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Nearly 10 month old serama pullet

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Hi there,

I hatched my nearly 10 month old serama pullet last year and I assume she's what is known as a Class A serama as she only weighs 275 grams.  She is kept with my only other remaining serama (who was her broody and is now 5) and up until a month or so ago they were both on growers pellets but then as the older one started to lay I switched to layers thinking that the little one would start to lay.  Only she hasn't and now I'm a little worried that the extra calcium in the layers will harm her kidneys?  Would it be ok to put them both back on growers or will this harm the older one who is laying?  The little one has a red face but has always had even when she was quite a small chick.  Here's a pic of her that I've posted here before: 





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1 hour ago, Lewis said:

I wouldn’t worry too much, if she’s not laying she’s probably not eating that much so excess calcium is unlikely to cause issues

Well she seems to eat quite a lot and has noticeably put on weight recently Lewis.

1 hour ago, Cat tails said:

10 months in, are you sure she is not a he? 😅

I think so - she doesn't look like a cockerel at all.

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