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Overcrowded Housing

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I have just watched all 9 chickens go to roost in the green Eglu :shock:

five of them are in the nestbox and four on the roosting bars. The first 6 roosting bars nearest the door are empty :lol: Reckon I could get at least another 3 chickens in there :wink:


The cleaned this afternoon red eglu is empty. when the chickens have settled down I will be pulling 4 of them out through the green eggport and posting them through the red eggport.


I can see me doing the posting through the eggport on a regular basis :roll::lol:

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:lol: I just love iot when they do that!


I've got 11 smallsters in a mark 2 at the moment - although 'Chick' won't be staying when he starts to crow. There's still plenty of space for more, but with the run extension, it's full when they need to spend the odd hour in the run.


They're all moulting at the moment, so the eglu looks like they've all been shaking their duvets!

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I had 11, including five hybrids, insisting on sleeping together at one point. That was the winter too, so I think maybe they prefer being together. I think in my cube I currently have *counts on fingers* erm

...seven hybrids, four pekins, three pure breeds, two chicks and a silky who sleeps in the run.


Still tons of room :lol: might need another bit of run though.

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Perhaps your girls prefer the green eglu because of it's attractive colour! :roll:


Tonight they are all in the red Eglu :lol: which is a mark 1 so smaller than my green mark 2.


I am going to leave them to it and not bother about seperating them when they are sleepy. It is getting a bit nippy in the evenings so I would rather stay indoors.

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