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August Bank Holiday recipe swap 2021

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Some of you mentioned that you might like to do a recipe swap for the August Bank holiday.

It will be very similar to the Christmas swap we have, but shouldn't take as long, and just needs a recipe you think someone might like to try.

All recipes will need to arrive before the 27th August so that we all have them ready to open on the Bank Holiday Monday.

I'm sure it is obvious, but there isn't any post on Bank Holidays.

You will need to PM me your names and addresses by 8th August if you would like to join in.


On the list so far is me, Luvachicken
Cat tails

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On 8/8/2021 at 7:07 PM, soapdragon said:

Thank you so much for organising us, yet again, Luvvie and Mr Luvvie. You truly are gluttons for punishment and we all appreciate you massively!

I love organising - just a shame some of my house isn't the same. It is mostly, but there are some things better organised than others.

Meant to say please can you PM me when you send your recipes xx 

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