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I need a moan!

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I think perhaps newspaper in the poo trays is not so good! I've been doing this lately and had started to wonder if my cube was leaking it was so wet! But it hasn't rained so I assume it's the poo on paper effect. Never had that problem with aubiose in the bottom so will be swapping back again! :roll:

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Yikes! thats very expensive Clash. :shock:


local dog kennels down the road charges £9 a night for my sisters cocker spaniel and that includes walking and food!!


For £75 they are virtually doing nothing - just opening and closing a door and doing the food. blimey!


That's what I thought, I'll see if one of my neighbours kids will do it.


When she told me £75.00 I jokingly told her that "maybe I'd leave them out for the fox and buy 3 new ones when I got back for £30.00" don't think she knew whether I was joking or not!!!!! :wink:

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I can vouch for Staloslan too, it is really good stuff.

that with the Aubiose makes for a pretty formidable combination I think :D


Emma, please don't think that I thought you were asking too much of your sitter. I didn't think that at all,& if that is what you asked of them & paid them for,then that is what you should get.


I just had an inferioir moment when I realised I only do my poo tray twice a week & got all worried that I wasn't doing my bit as a good chicken mum :roll::D

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I recently left my 3 girls for 8 days in the care of 2 friends (female). They "couldn't face the poo tray" so got a husband to change it - bit pointless really, he did it the day before we came back :?.


I put 3 or 4 layers of newspaper in the tray, then put in loads of shredded paper with a handful of bokashi bran. Finished off with a few drops of citronella, it lasts a week (with poos being flicked out into the compost bin every day or so) and doesn't smell at all. It's really only the bars that need a clean and that's only 'cos they look disgusting. I push major poos :vom: off the bars & into the tray every morning.


I put shredded paper and hemcore in the nestbox.


Sorry I've rambled on a bit but I like to share something if it works for me :).

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I'm with others on here - I only empty the poo trays about once a week :oops: but I use aubiose in them. If I used newspaper, I think I'd have to do it every day because once it's got wet, it will just stink. I don't think you're being unreasonable, you were very clear about what you wanted the sitter to do - but maybe a compromise might be to use aubiose/hemcore, and make the job a bit easier.


Usually a friend looks after mine, but of course as she's a good friend we sometimes go on holiday together! This summer I found a cat-sitter to feed the tabby monster, and asked her if she'd do the chickens as well. She was actually quite excited about feeding them and thrilled to have the eggs to take away. I can't quite remember, Clash, but I think it was about £7 a day to do the cat and chickens, although only one visit as I left the Eglu door open (and I only had two chooks then). I think £75 is exorbitant!


Look in your local vet for pet-sitters, they will either have cards up or have a list, and then ring a few and ask how much they will charge. I'd expect to pay £5-6, but it's only a ten-minute job, after all.

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I'm going away in a few weeks and have been quoted £75.00 by my local "pet sitting company" (1 weeks work). Let them out in the morning, Lock them away in the evening, use my feed, water & keep any eggs!! seems expensive so I said "No thanks". Is £75.00 per week reasonable or not?


I use the Local owner of a national pet-sitting franchise & he charges £9.50 per visit weekdays & £12.00 weekends. The price covers any number of animals that you have.


He & his assistants are CRB checked & follow to the letter any instructions I leave. He has looked after my pets for several years now & I consider him worth his weight in gold for the peace of mind he gives in knowing that my 'babies' are being looked after as I would. In his time he has looked after for me, cats, hamsters, my previous elderly cat who needed daily medication until her death & my in-laws guinea pigs who stayed with us whilst they were house hunting. Pet cages are completely dismantled for cleaning and this week he will be coming over to see my new chooks before we go away in a couple of weeks. He also writes a daily log of his visits! :)


Over the years I've probably spent a fortune with him. Are his charges unreasonable? I would say not considering the service he has provided.

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I also only clean the tray once a week but I am using the hint about buying a second set of bars. My girls seem to poo on the little ledge at the back which isn't fun to get at. Is this usual? I put newspaper in the tray first and then a layer of Aubiose. It seems to work fine and it's easier to tip into the dalek shaped compost bin. I just have to make sure the newspaper isn't showing at the door end of the narrow bit otherwise it gets pulled out into the run!


I worried about chicken sitters before I got the girls, thank goodness the eglus are transportable (even if they are so heavy!).



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I'm going to try all this out - I'll get a bag of aubiose at the weekend - Stalosan is ordered already!

Thanks for all the tips! I also love the smell of the red mite powder - I'm very obsessed with the stuff, but touch wood, my ladies have never had any lice or mites - so I must be doing something right!


I can't wait to move (our future plans) in a few years time, when we no longer have to work. Hubby is retiring then & says I'm retiring with him. He's a bit older than me! :wink:


We have been looking at properties already in Wales - it's amazing what we could get for the price we have in mind. A good sized smallholding / small farm with some great outbuildings!


We want to be able to have huge runs for our very close ' pet' chickens & also have a lot of free range chickens too - & take a chance that foxy loxy may get them. Perhaps then, we can have some ex batts. We have made a written plan - a bit sad aren't we?!


We both want some outbuildings/ barns / stables - mainly for workshops / studios and accomodation purposes. Hubby needs his inventing / tinkering workshop, I need my art & craft studio. We'd like somewhere our relatives can stay separate to us on our land.


I've gone way off topic here, but it's nice when dreams are able to become reality!



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Sorry to hear you came back to messy chickens,


I have a caravan at Great Yarmouth and I went there last week for the week, we go away for 5 weeks a year, I'm really lucky as I have a brill neighbour, he lets the chickens & guinea pigs out, food & water etc, and locks them in at night too. I also have a lady down the road come round after work, she's animal mad, she also feeds the cat and fish, then goes down the garden to share out the pasta or rice (that she's cooked specially) and have a chat with them all. I must admit they don't clean them out unless I'm away for 2 weeks. Although my chickens and guinea pigs aren't in an eglu, they live in sheds with runs so there is actually so much space it takes longer to mess up. If they were in an eglu I'm sure I would do them every other day. A man a few houses away has an eglu, there is a path at the back of our houses for the allotments, when I walk my dog I can see his chickens through the hedge, I don't see the man very often to talk to, next time I do though I'll ask him if he comes on the forum too.


C ya, Dyan (RubyMurray) 1 x Cock (white chicken) 5 x hens (white chicken) 2 x hens GNR 7 x (white guinea)(brown guinea)(guinea)

1 x white Boxer dog and 1 x Ginger Tom 3 x Kids 1 x Hubby

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