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Christmas swap 2021 - join in by 31st October '21

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On 11/22/2021 at 5:50 PM, Luvachicken said:

Wow, you have all been busy.

DS asked me if I could make something I usually make so he can send them to friends in Australia.

He will have to get in the queue :lol:

Posting date for Oz and NZ is 6th December - I'm stuck for what to send to NZ as their rules are so strict.

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To my dearest Omlet friends,

I am writing this as a confession to the crime I have commited this evening.

I made my gift and whilst out bought a couple of treats to go with it .....one I have never tried before ....I put it with the gift but then all day kept thinking about it and wondering how good it tasted.

Then tonight the crime occured ....I very carefully packaged the gift .....and went to wrap it but the chocolate gift kept falling out, I could hear it crying out "Eat Me.....Eat Me....Eat Me" it was fighting to keep out the box, calling my name, begging me to taste just one....

So I apologize and hope you enjoy the gift but there may be a little extra treat missing.....I cannot lie I don't even feel that guilty as it tasted so good.........

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