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New M&S Ad

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I had a look too Clare but its not even on M&S site (some companies do put their ads on their sites).


I can see it on my company's site - we track advertising - but I can't let you have a link to it as you need a password.


But I do have a link to an funny ad though - Wonderbra's take on the Cadburys gorilla ad



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I have just seen it & it was great.


Haven't M&S hit the button right on the head with these ads - the girls are gorgeous & so iconic, & the ads are just really classy.


The Hubby is MAD about Neomie, the knicker model, & is most upset that she has had all her wild curls lopped off :roll:

I love Erin & her snootyness - she is just wonderful to look at 8)


One thing they could improve on & that is more Antonio - blink & you would miss him :roll:

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just this second seen it, it doesn't look like him at all! Give me him in Evita any day, hamanahamanahamana :wink:



sorry but he looks like Gene Kelly in it, most disappointing, I loved him when he had longer hair and looked a bit, well, rough around the edges!


Wish I was Erin O'Conner, she's so elegant and willowy!


I loved that ad last year that used the song "Santa Baby" and had the funky father Christmas, think it was for Debenhams, not sure but it was a cool ad!

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