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Pancakes-ULTIMATE recipe!!!!

What is best to put on pancakes?  

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  1. 1. What is best to put on pancakes?

    • Chocolate
    • Sugar
    • Jam
    • Honey/Syrup
    • Peanut butter
    • Bovril...?
    • Nothing at all
    • Something not mentioned

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Well at least I think so.


In total you can make five or six pancakes out of this mixture.


All you do is weigh out 100grams of plain flour, 2 eggs(what? you have plenty to spare!) and 300ml of milk. On the gas rings set it to mark 4 and then put a drop of oil in(I like olive oil best but any will do). Cook your pancake omlet style!!!


But now you are faced with the question; what to put on it?

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when I lived in Manchester I used to go to the Dutch Pancake House - is it still there? (cant quite remember where it was apart from below an office block :oops: )


I used to have Ratatouille Pancake to start with, followed by Peaches and Cream, it was scrummy, but I could never finish everything :lol:


Was that the blue and white building? I think it's gone :( but their pancakes were the best :D


karen x

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On pancake day I like mince and onion filling in them for our dinner, then lemon juice and sugar for afters. :D


I like to make them during the day when I have more time. I pile them up with grease proof paper in between them and then when we want to eat I warm them up in the oven.

That way we can all eat together rather than me stood in the kitchen doing everyone else's and then eating mine last all by myself. :wink:

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