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Empty camera batteries _ Arrgghh

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I was out in the garden, working through my job list that her indoors had left for me (she was out at a painting class all day yesterday and today) and I came out of the garage to see Liz on the top of one of my brick posts. I ran and grabbed my camera, but just got one picture before it said that the battery was empty. Grrrrrr, naughty words.


Then she flew off. Its quite something for my girls to fly up this high - although Liz and Daisy are the ones that would do it, the Orps wouldn't.


But I got one photo -


Liz on a post



And a couple from earlier today;





Trinny eying up a flower


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Wow, Liz IS up high!! :shock:


Daisy looks just like our maran Richard, is daisy a really perky chook? Our coco the cuckoo is also very easy to pick up.


How old is Trinny? Our cochin Misty is a splash but she doesnt have the colouring of your Trinny - she's a beauty :)


Daisy (North Holland Blue) looks just like a Maran but has semi feathered legs and is a bit lighter in colouring. Liz is a Maran. Daisy is incredibly vocal, comes to talk to me any time I'm around (and, as I said in another thread, is now my mobile ring tone). She's always in front of the others to come when I feed them or whatever. She is very very perky and easy to pick up (especially now she has started squatting).


Daisy and Liz, both cuckoo, look like dapper gentlemen in that their feathers look as though they have been sprayed on - never out of place, very sleek. Not like the Orps whose feathers go all over the place, especially when there is a bit of breeze.


Trinny is about 27 weeks now. Suzanna isn't as heavily marked as Trinny; Suzie is a lot lighter, nowhere near as much black.

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Great pics Richard - and I agree, Trinny is a stunner! Theres a guy on the practical poultry forum who has posted some pics of his orps, blue I think, and they are also lovely. I can see a need for some of my own emerging here! :?8)


Arrietty is a Blue Orp;




Suzie is my other splashed Orp, but she doesn't have the markings that Trinny has. She's also not as 'forward' a character, and tends to trot along in Trinny's shadow!




OK, OK, I know, any excuse for Richard to post pictures of his Orps. I promise I won't post any more for the next 2 minutes.


and don't they have such gorgeous eyes?

sorry sorry sorry sorry I won't say anything else about them ...

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