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Cinnamon I have a request

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Any chance you could post a picture of Indiana please?


My freckle is growing some boyish feathers along her back :roll: although her tail looks girly :? She :? is 6 months old and hasn't started crowing (yet)


Our camera has gone walkabout and the lead to plug it into the computer has been missing for ages :twisted: I would really appriciate a picture of a Poland Cockeral to compare to Freckle.


Thank you :D

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Heres our boy,who is in disgrace today & living on borrowed time.

He had a crowing session at 3.30 am this morning,just after I had fallen back to sleep after being up already,so I feel a bit of a wreck today & not very cockerel friendly :roll:


Here he is at about 16/18 weeks



& here he is now,with his posh tail feathers just after he started crowing.

He must be about 24 weeks,at a guess.



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Thanks Fee and Sarah


Freckle looks like Indiana's twin :roll: She/he has long thin pointy feathers on it's lower back at the base of the tail just like Indiana. Indiana has a very long tail feather whereas freckle's tail feathers are about the same length.


My gut feeling is that she is a boy :( although he hasn't started crowing yet or tried it on with the girls :? Maybe he is confused :lol:


I just can't believe this :( Probably means another 6 hour journey to return him to the breeder, who will be so pleased :roll: OH is going to be livid :!:


Must have a good search for the camera and cable tonight and try and get a picture tomorrow if it is not too dark.

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Well freckle Cockadoodledooed this morning :(


I have been burying my head in the sand about him for the last month. I tried to convince myself he wasn't a boy and if he was he might never crow :roll:


What a lovely cockadoodledoo he made as well :)


So I will be phoning the breeder today :( to see if he will take him back.


Now I have my own camera I will take a picture of Freckle when it gets light.


Freckle was going to lay me lovely white eggs :(


I will not be replacing him :(

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Freckle is going home on Saturday :( OH will be going with me as I don't like the idea of travelling by myself in the dodgy weather forecast.


Yesterday Freckle crowed twice when he was let out of the Eglu when it was still dark, and not a squeak from him for the rest of the day.


This morning the chickens are still in their Eglus as I am hoping that by the time I let them out most of the neighbours will be up and about and not notice the crowing.


His crowing is no worse than the darned Seagulls squarking all hours of the day and night. He is a lot more tuneful as well :D

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:( I think what we've all learned recently is that some of the pure breeds often don't start to show boy 'signs' until they are 5/6 months old and crow/mate even later (if only it was easier to vent sex). On the other hand my wee Frizzle bantams were crowing their heads off and attacking me at 9 weeks :shock: .
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