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The Dogmother

Dolly's blue egg

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Here's a picture of the first egg we have had from Dolly. She is a poland/araucana cross who lays blue eggs - we bought her as an established layer.



This egg weighed 53g, as opposed to Sadie's normal egg (beside it), which weighs about 42g. Can you guess what it is balanced on? Post answers please, and I will reveal the correct answer later.


Dolly.thumb.jpg Here's Dolly.

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Yup, you can have a point too Sheila :D


You can't see them in real lofe, let alone in the photo, but is one, two and three written on the top by the little prongs, which pop up.


Phil normally collects perpetual calenders - the one with the dates that change, but he has recently got into bakelite. Thank goodness it's at his place and not mine :roll:

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