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Wish me luck......

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I'm back to work tonight, after 3 weeks off, and I'm DREADING it!


The company I work for are not the most sympathetic when it comes to sickness and absence, and given that I have had 3 weeks off, I'm not hoping for the best. The last time I was off, when Duncan had pneumonia, I was givena verbal warning, even though I made up the shifts that I had missed, and I was only off for 2 days. (I should point out that they don't give you the warnings for being off sick - that's against employment laws - they give you the warning for 'Failure to comply with your contract').


I've not slept for the last few nights (hence the late night love declarations :oops: ), and am worried sick!


so, keep your fingers crossed for me tonight!

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Just quickly adding my "good lucks" to all the others- I hope it all goes well.

You've been through quite enough recently to really not need unsympathetic employers giving you a hard time because of genuine sickness. Maybe they'll surprise you and be really understanding and supportive :?

*fingers crossed*

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Well, I've still got a job! Till Friday at least! The shop is in the middle of a refit, so the management were all too busy to give me my return to work meeting (company policy states that it should be done before you step on the shop floor - I had mine done 15 minutes before I finished :roll: ), and I have to wait until Friday for soemone to decide if having a miscarraige is an acceptable excuse for having 3 weeks off.


Blumming nightmare night - was trying to count things while workmen were trying to move them out the way. I'd turn my back for 2 seconds and entire fridges would have disappeared into the distance. Our office has been painted a lovely shade of blue though, just the shade I want for the bathroom, must go out to the warehouse and see if there is any left!

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:) How did it go, Shona? Hope they were all just so pleased to see you that everyone just welcomed you back, and gave you a hug. Well, not necassarily the last bit, unless you have a certain retired footballer working there! :wink:

Hope it just went smoothly, I've made you a cuppa for when you get back, best wishes, xx

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