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Your ultimate Christmas songs

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Nothing says Christmas more than the Salvation Army brass band playing 'Once In Royal Davids City'. They used to come up our street the weekend before Christmas, and my grandmother would always give me 50p to put in their tin, and I'd get them to play it. Whenever I see the Salvation Army band in town now (because they can't wander the streets at night nowadays because of the idiots. :( ), I always make sure I've got some cash, and would quite happily stand and listen to them all day.


Oh, and Bing singing 'White Christmas'!

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I love 'little donkey' and 'starry night' for carols








Found this link where you can listen to primary school choirs singing carols! How cool!


Starry night sounds great! :D I feel all Christmassy now and wonder why i ever left primary teaching :?

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I always wrap presents while watching 'Meet me in St Louis' , so I can see Judy Garland singing 'Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas'!


I sing in a choir so I do carols and Christmas hymns and songs from about November, my favourite of the ones we are doing this year is 'Still, Still Still' and a four-part harmony version of Jingle Bells.


but my all time favourite Christmas song, dramatic and unashamedly sentimental ... O Holy Night. :cry: and :lol: all at once!

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:oops: Mine goes back to my childhood and always makes me feel really Christmassy if they play it on the TV or radio - The Wombles "We wish you a Wombling Merry Christmas" :lol: . I love Christmas Carols too and "In the bleak midwinter" is my favourite, I think - hard to choose as they're all lovely - closely followed by "O Little Town of Bethlehem".
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In Dulci Jubilo I think its Mike Oldfield


when I was little I used to dance up and down the living room to it whenever it was on the radio or record player (eeek, im showing my age :lol: )


unfortunately now I have to consciously stop myself from dancing to it (and we are having a lot of christmas songs on at school at the moment)




its the best christmas song in the world :lol::lol:




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I love the Darkness 'Xmas time- Dont Let the Bells End' just cos its a festive tune with a gag in it. Puerile but hilarious. Love Wizzard too, and 'All I Want for Xmas'- great girlie karaoke number. I dont dig carols, little kids singing about virgin's wombs always makes me feel a bit queasy.

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